Underwater Stonehenge was built by an unknown ancient culture

Recent archaeological work revealed Almost 200 stone buildings in Lake Constance (on the border of Germany, Austria and Switzerland) dating back to the Stone Age. It is not yet clear who built these mounds, but very interesting new updates have appeared, with the purpose of solving the historical mystery.

In the wake of the recent Spanish discovery, the Lake Constance complex was called “Stonehenge SwitzerlandIn 2015, in the southern part of the basin, About 170 burial mounds have been discovered, approximately 300 meters from the shore, with a depth of 5 meters. In short, dozens of ridges form an underwater structure 10 kilometers long.

In the year 2021 it was made clear, in a research, that the aforementioned stones are not the result of natural processes, but are the work of Humans from the Neolithic Age. Once upon a time, in fact, the sea floor was much more accessible, given that 5,500 years ago the lake level was 3-5 meters lower.

Urs Leuzinger, researcher at Archaeological Museum From the canton of Thurgau (Switzerland), A IFLScience That another shipment occurred at the submerged site in recent weeks, which was revealed A number of new featuresincluding wooden residues lurking under the stones, which are marked by ax cuts.

A previous study shed some light on A series of submerged stilts in Lake Constance dating back to the Neolithic period. Leuzinger believes that the same civilization that built the wooden structures erected the mounds discovered in 2015. Not surprisingly, just like the stones, the houses on the lake date back to 3500 BC. However , We can’t say for sure The identity of the Neolithic people, as there is very little evidence of the civilizations that inhabited the region.

[Urs Leuzinger]

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