Under the Waves: Everything you need to know about the video game

French company Parallel studioIn cooperation with Quantic Dreamannounced during Gamescom 2022 next post from under the waves, a video game set in the depths of the ocean filled with reflections on human activity and the importance of protecting the seas. Parallel Studio is now known for games like black days And the 0 equivalentbut this is the case under the waves Which seems to reach an important technical goal. The game, which was greatly desired by Ronan Koavik, the company’s game director and one of the brains behind the title, actually projected some important details into it, sparking a lot of curiosity and interest.

Kwawik in particular recalled how as a boy he always felt a strong love for the sea, as his father was a sailor. Witnessing an oil tanker, after an accident, pouring countless liters of oil into the sea prompted Koavik to want to take care of, and with, the oceans. under the waves He continues to pursue this goal. For this project, Parallel Studio and Quantic Dream have also partnered with surfersIt is a non-profit organization committed to protecting and preserving the oceans.

under the waves It therefore offers many worthy aspects, not only with regard to its themes but also a particularly suggestive story and gameplay dynamics. So the game could be a new gem of the indie scene, which could prove itself as one of the coolest games of the year. However, while waiting to be able to play it, it would definitely be worth delving into some of the more curious things related to this. By continuing here reading it will actually be possible to find more details related to Play And for him plot. The main ones will also be listed Control unit that would be possible to use, as well Exit date And other details.

under the waves: Release date and consoles where it is played

Posted by Quantic Dream, under the waves She doesn’t have one yet Exit date ID. It will be published in 2023, even if there is no certainty about any particular time of year. However, the publisher has announced that at the time of its publication, the game will become available for consoles Playstation 4And the Playstation 5And the Xbox One And the Xbox X/Sbut also for Microsoft Windows computers. For the latter, the game can be purchased through platforms steam And the epic games.

Under the release of the waves

under the waves: Game story and gameplay

under the waves It is a narrative-based adventure game about grief. Set in the depths of the North Sea, in the high-tech and futuristic era of the 70s, the protagonist of the story is professional diver Stan, who decides to accept a job as private as it is secluded, that is, to live in a monitoring station on the bottom of the North Sea for the benefit of a major oil company. In his solitude, Stan will have to deal with a loss that turns his life upside down. The further he goes in self-imposed isolation, the more he begins to experience strange occurrences. Ultimately he will have to choose whether to get lost in the depths forever or free himself to return to the surface and live out the rest of his life.

In terms of gameplay, the game will be organized into days, thus providing a series of daily actions so that the underwater station where the hero is located remains in order. However, you can then get out of it to explore the surroundings, moving around on foot, via submersibles or swimming, paying attention to the available oxygen supply. So exploration will be an important element of the game, which will allow players to enter caves, wrecks and other types of environments. In these places it will then be possible to collect various materials and tools that will allow the hero to continue on his own adventure.

Among these tools, there will also be things like plastic bottles, rusty junk, and other human waste that pollute the oceans but may find new life in Stan’s hands. Here also lies the environmental message that Parallel Studio wants to convey. under the waves it’s not open world, but still gives users a lot of freedom from this point of view. As can be understood from the plot, however, another important element of the game will be Stan’s past, which you will be able to explore through flashbacks and dream sequences, which will allow you to learn more about what happened.

under the waves: game trailer

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