UK blocks order of 500 million euros from FN Herstal due to veto from environmentalists

Indeed, the United Kingdom has decided to block a €500 million order from FN Herstal after the federal government opposed the export of nuclear material for Britain’s defense because of the veto power of environmentalists, the Engaged lamented on Thursday.

“Ecolo’s dogmatism in this matter will cost the Walloon economy dear again? Are we economically in such a good shape to shoot such bullets in the foot?” Party chairman Maxime Prévot asked on Twitter.

In the Region, “the bickering between the dogmatists of Ecolo and the MR, who oiled the topic by tweeting despite the secrecy defense, leads to a colossal loss for the Walloon economy,” added the party’s faction leader in the Walloon parliament, Francois Desquesnes.

The latter is requesting a summons from the General Affairs Committee of the Walloon Parliament as soon as possible so that the Prime Minister, Elio Di Rupo, “explains himself about the actions he is about to take with regard to the federal one”.

“The Federal is not helping us, we saw it during the floods, and even worse, today the internal squabbles are costing us dearly. Wallonia must demand compensation commensurate with the damage to its economy,” added François Desquesnes.

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