Two documentaries have been added on Disney+ as of November 23, 2022

Disney + It actually goes back to the fee for the week of November 21, 2022. As always, there will be a lot of video content that will make its way into the streaming platform’s catalog. As for documentaries, it should be noted that two new shows will be available on Disney + starting Wednesday, November 23.

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Find out in lines to follow more details about these two documentaries.

Limbo (2020)

  • Broadcast date: November 23
  • Genres: Comedy, Documentary, Drama
  • Director: Ben Sharrock
  • Cast: Amir El Masri, Louis Gribben, Siddhis Babbitt Knudsen, Vikash Bhai

Synopsis: Limbo is a documentary that takes you to a small Scottish island. We discover the story of a group of newly arrived refugees on the island waiting for an answer to their asylum application. Among those refugees are people like Omar.

This young Syrian musician kept his grandfather’s oud with him throughout his journey, and it is an instrument he is very attached to. However, this instrument which had great value in his eyes was also a heavy burden on his shoulders.

Chasing Virgins (2022)

  • Broadcast date: November 23
  • Genres: Comedy, Documentary, Drama

Synopsis: A few days ago, the most popular girl in school died under very mysterious circumstances. This drama happened when she just celebrated 17 years olde Anniversary. This tragedy greatly affected his friends and everyone around him.

After this event, a girl, a student of the same school, offers her friends to help her conduct a documentary investigation. This project aims to help her get accepted into her dream school. However, she is far from imagining that her project will make it possible to lift the veil over the vast network of Internet scammers looking for virgin girls.

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