Two-and-a-half-meter screen at an affordable price: This is how TCL’s 98-inch C73 TV sends projectors into retirement

Until recently, those who wanted a really big picture in their living room had no alternatives: The solution was the video projector, with all its limitations: the need to darken the room, the need to support a sound system, runtimes that weren’t instantaneous, the difficulty of wiring, and so on. The same fate for those who, being in the office, wanted to equip their conference room with a large screen for presentations, which ended up in dim light, with associated sleep.

TCL’s C73 Series 98 “TV changes this fate forever. In fact, it is a TV with a diagonal of 98 inches, with a length of two and a half meters, which corresponds to a picture size of 217 x 121 cm, with a resolution of 4K, and thus is able to guarantee a stunning and immersive viewing even From several meters away. A TV that looks great even in a brightly lit room, requires no cables throughout the room, and works for both TV viewing and presentations on a PC. This ushers in a new era: a nearly 100-inch TV has never been seen going down To below the barrier of 5000 euros, thus opening the doors of huge displays even to the world of the high-end consumer.

Big but fluffy. And with “controllable” weight and consumption.

The giant TCL TV certainly isn’t “portable,” but it’s not something unmanageable or sensationally thick. Of course, this big screen must have some “structure”; However, this does not prevent it from being only 4 cm thick in the upper part, which becomes 8 in the part that contains the electronics and inputs. Moreover, the TCL C73 is born with two side feet that are able to install the TV in the support, if necessary. Obviously it can also be hung on the wall using the 850×400 attachment bracket.

As for weight, we’re talking about 55kg, less than a 36-inch CRT TV.

Even in terms of consumption, which is very important in this period, the TCL C73 manages to be very light: the power used in full operation is 240W, not much if you consider that we are dealing with a screen 10 times larger than a 32 “.

Not just chunky: The C73 is a full-array QLED with Dolby Vision and Google TV

We have mentioned the size. But this TV isn’t just “giant”: the technology used in it is state of the art. The panel, for example, in addition to being 4K, is in QLED technology, that is, it uses Quantum Dots crystals to ensure pure and saturated colors. But it is also an HDR TV, and therefore capable of reproducing high dynamic range content, compatible with all standards, including Dolby Vision and HDR10 + dynamic metadata formats.

Even the sound system is “big up”: With its 70W, built-in sub and projector designed by Onkyo, the 98″ C73 from TCL is able to make a “big sound” so as not to distort the sound in picture comparisons. The subwoofer is built into the case and the TV also supports content in Dolby Atmos object standard, which is the most complex audio format available.

Then the operating system: 98 “C73 from TCL is Google TV, which guarantees not only a high-end smart environment, but also maximum availability of applications for all streaming platforms always up to date and many useful screen mirroring functions from computers, tablets and smartphones in both local environments And professional.

From live streaming to gaming to getting to the office: ‘wow’ is wasted

TCL’s 98″ giant C73 is – as we said – a great TV, with a built-in terrestrial and satellite tuner, with its own speakers and a nice operating system. And this is not just a screen, as often happened in the past with the largest screens or still happens with video projectors, But real TV.But its use goes beyond just watching TV channels.First of all, we said about the smart environment that allows you to watch 4K HDR content from major platforms, such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + and so on.

But the availability of HDMI 2.1 inputs with ALLM and 120 Hz VRR makes this TV the most attractive gaming monitor ever, and it’s the perfect epitome of next-gen consoles capable of exploiting its potential, including dynamic range for HDR.

And this TV can leave you speechless even in the office, as it can act as a stunning display for presentations, video conferencing or even for sharing one of those huge Excel files with colleagues that are hard to consult even on your screen. Chromecast support, then, allows you to have group surfing sessions (or, if you’re paranoid, even a loner) by mirroring your PC screen to your TV without even needing a cable.

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