Twitter will allow sending money and cryptocurrencies: Elon Musk’s announcement

Elon Musk’s new Twitter 2.0 is slowly taking shape, despite the controversy and decisions made by the new CEO, which have sparked some discussion among users.

After announcing a series of new hires at Twitter, the new CEO would also have outlined the plans his team will implement over the next few weeks.

During an internal meeting with employees, during which he reassured everyone and dismissed the hypothesis that led to new layoffs, the South African entrepreneur explained that the social network will facilitate the exchange of money and cryptocurrencies.

Users can easily send money to anyone on Twitter with one click. The payments industry will be more valuable than everything else on Twitter combined” said Musk, who obviously wants to offer his PayPal experience to the social network to develop a system that will allow users to send and receive money and cryptocurrencies through the social network. It is not clear which cryptocurrencies will be supported, let alone when this new system will be available.

However, as the hours go by, it becomes increasingly clear that Musk wants to radically change Twitter and make it much more than a traditional social network.

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