Twitter, the copyright protection system is not working: a full movie has been published!

There is also, unexpectedly, a file Twitter hacking problem. The social network appears to be in a growing mess, and while Elon Musk has reactivated Donald Trump’s account, the system for protecting copyrighted content is in a state of avalanche.

As reported by The Verge, some users have taken advantage of this flaw to post several movies in their entirety. A subscriber took the opportunity to post The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift with a two-minute clip series in nearly 50 tweets.

The thread has been online for about 24 hours without being removed and only in the past few hours has the account that uploaded it been suspended. Previously in such cases I The contents were “thrown” in a matter of minutes Through the moderation system recognizing that the clips are copyrighted and removing them.

According to many, the error will be related to the mass resignations of Twitter employees who did not accept the new working conditions imposed by the new CEO, who asked them to do more work.hardcoreAnd a series of sacrifices.

Some Twitter developers have argued that the social network may not last more than a week as many teams have been wiped out entirely.

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