Twitter, SMS’s two-factor authentication system works intermittently. And we don’t know why

Some Twitter users are having trouble logging in using SMS two-factor authentication. Codes either do not arrive or are returned after hours.

Users have been reporting these delays or glitches since the weekend, and it’s not possible to tell if they’re due to Elon Musk firing 50% of Twitter’s staff, or changes to the platform that appear to be happening in real time.

For example, Musk tweeted on Monday:Part of the day will be devoted to disabling the Microservices bloatware. Less than 20% is actually required for Twitter to work!

SMS two-factor authentication is not the most secure within the given category, because users may be exposed to fake verification messages by malicious people posing as the service and conducting phishing activities, for example. We still recommend using a third-party authentication app, such as Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator, to name a few.

A non-working two-factor authentication service could convince some users to deactivate the additional protection system, which would make account access less secure.

Elon Musk has yet to make any comments about the issues highlighted by SMS two-factor access users. It is also not possible to address another person on the social network, given that, as reported by The Verge, Twitter no longer has a communications office.

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