Twitter, first mapping: Former hacker Geohot arrives. Twitter Blue is still paused

After applying About two-thirds of the 7,500 employees Twitter in three weeks, Elon Musk has started hiring new employees. No vacancies have been identified, and there are currently no specific announcements, but during a meeting with the entire existing workforce, Musk said that

“For important hires, people who are good at programming are the top priority.”

These remarks, made by the CEO of the social platform, would have been made on the same day that Robin Wheeler, the head of ad sales, and Maggie Sonwick, the vice president of partnerships, were fired for opposing new directives to increase cuts. So far, several priority segments of Twitter’s operations have had the potential to be completely “destroyed” by layoffs and voluntary resignations.

Appointment and decentralization

The programmer and “former” iPhone “jailbreaker”, George “Geohot” Hotz, will be among the first of Musk’s new employees who would task him with correcting Twitter search. Hotz has 12 weeks to do so. An interesting challenge.

Instead, it was Moxie Marlinspike, the founder of Signal “Potentially willing to help” musk Make direct messages on Twitter safer. During the meeting, Musk expressed his intention to also allow voice and video chats via direct messages, even without sharing your phone number.

Other details of that meeting have also emerged. Each employee will have to send emails every week Updates on its progress. According to Musk, his constant reorganization of the company during this period will lead to “a lot of mistakes” but “it will settle over time.” Also, many teams will need to rebuild from scratch and there will likely be more decentralization outside.

In addition, many teams will have to and will have to be rebuilt from scratch There will be more decentralization in other countries. Not only India, Indonesia and Brazil but also Japan where every day there are almost the same number of daily active users as in the US, even though Japan only has a third of the US population.

Musk also reiterated the fact that Twitter stock options will be given to employees who will be able to make money on a regular basis, as is already the case at SpaceX.

At the moment, finally, there will be no intention to move the company’s headquarters from California to Texas. Such a move, according to Musk, could have given the clue

“Twitter has gone from being left-wing to right-wing, and that’s not the case. This is not a right-wing takeover of Twitter. It’s a moderate takeover of Twitter. And to be the digital arena of the city, we need to represent people with a wide range of opinions even if we disagree with those opinions.” “.

As for Twitter blue, you have to wait

In addition to addressing these aspects of the platform’s inner workings, Musk also announced during this meeting that paid verification will not return until the end of the month, as originally planned. Twitter Blue will not return unless there is a way to reduce impersonation.

The idea in the pipeline is to change the color of the flag according to the verification type, which will make it immediately clearer whether the account is the actual account of a company or organization. Right now, Twitter has already added an additional “official” gray check for organizations.

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