TV bonus: We are heading towards refinancing, 100 million for 2023. ISEE restrictions can be skipped

TV bonus funds expired on November 12th. It is really unfortunate that after three years of continuous campaigning, this feature has sold out just a few weeks before the last scheduled phase of the shutdown: the final shutdown of the last MPEG2 channels scheduled for next December 20th.

In the meantime, as we have already mentioned, the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy (formerly MiSE), Adolfo Orso, has asked the Ministry of Economy and Finance to refinance the allocations in the next budget law, which is in preparation. The idea of ​​a government, which emerges from the first drafts and which will nevertheless have to deal with all budget constraints, is: Allocating another 100 million euros for 2023 It is dispensed with the same dual track mechanism envisioned up until a few days ago: a Bonus TV/Receiver From 30 euros (50 on tivùsat decoders) for households with an ISEE of less than 20 thousand euros and the so-called TV bonus cancellationopen to all except the obligation to simultaneously supply an old device to be sent for WEEE processing: in this case the interest, which can only be used to buy a new TV, is 20% of the purchase price up to a maximum of 100 euros.

Hitherto these two allowances were cumulative: each family could access both, once each, and consume them, if they were entitled to receive them, simultaneously or separately.

There shouldn’t be – we said – big news about the mechanism, even if, according to rumours, The possibility of extending the €30 benefit to all families will be studied by removing the €20,000 barrier from the ISEE. It remains to be seen whether or not this kind of opening, which would broaden the audience of the deserving, is compatible with society’s rules regarding state aid.

The average contribution to the Scrapping TV Bonus, the most popular, was just under 75 euros in these years of operation: maintaining this value (and without considering the ISEE bonus) would lead in 2023 to about 1.3 million TVs funded, practically a third of the Italian market the usual. Not a little, if you consider that many families have now requested and received the bonus in recent months and will not be able to use it anymore.

The risk is that funding will be long in coming (at least early 2023 since they are bound by the Stabilization Act) and that until then the TV market will see a sharp slowdown due to reasonable deferral of purchase by citizens waiting for reward TV to reactivate. At the same time, if the legislative tool is the Stabilization Act, it seems impossible to tighten the deadlines: after the Council of Ministers approves the decree, the entire parliamentary and commission process begins, above all a shootout on amendments. It is difficult to ascertain the assignments before the last days of December.

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