TUYA Smart Home Sensor Kit Review: Smart and Affordable Alarm for Your Home!

Years ago when the first anti-intrusion alarm and system was introduced to the market, it seemed like science fiction to the eyes of non-experts; We spoke using weird terms, and excellent budgets gave installation potential to very few Do-It-Yourself potential. Over the years, technology has changed, and many products that could only be handled by industry experts until a few years ago are now within everyone’s reach.

Today we have the opportunity to get a smart home security sensor kit, and if you are wondering why you should rate one, I can basically sum it up for you: security, affordable configuration, simple cost, easily scalable system, all specifications you can’t get in The “traditional” security system.

Review of the TUYA smart home sensor kit

Package contents

In fact, in recent days I have received a smart home security kit, consisting of a portals Main and other accessories: Everything is completely self-configured, and we only need to connect the power port and place various sensors.

However, before I spoil you too much, I’ll tell you oninside the package what did you find.

The kit I’m using for my review today was produced by Guangdong Roule Electronics Co., Ltd. , a company that, although not quite well known in our country, has been present in the electronics market for more than 40 years and is among the top 10 brands in China in the security device market, especially for the large amount of products it currently ships to more than 100 countries around the world.

Toya and the catwalk

Tuya Smart is a development platform Global Internet of Things To connect brands, OEMs, developers and resellers. Based on the global public cloud, Tuya connects various scenarios and smart devices by providing hardware development tools and public cloud services, and provides an intelligent platform for business development.

What does that mean practically? The company has created a global development platform to bring smart products to life for manufacturers, brands, OEMs and retail chains. Tuya supports business partners to build customized PaaS solutions, such as smart medical care, smart education, smart agriculture and other fields.

environmental system Powered by Tuya It ensures interoperability of smart devices from multiple brands, making the platform a one-stop solution. With the Tuya Smart platform, users need a single app to control all categories of products, thus having a secure and hassle-free smart home at their disposal.

Tuya smart home sensor kit
Example of hundreds of accessories that can be controlled via Tuya App, Alexa, Google Voice Assistant, etc

Smart Kit specifications

Yeah, okay: but how does the smart security suite the company sent me work? I’ll start by telling you that this kit is completely self-installing, and we actually have to do quite a few operations to get it ready to use.

Tuya smart home sensor kit

Once we get rid of it, it touches us first Connect the gateway (which you see in the photo above) to the power outlet, then press the key (with an illustrated musical note) for a few seconds to startSearch for Wi-Fi networks: here comes into play the Tuya application which in a few simple steps allows us to configure the whole group, perhaps without even realizing what you’re doing. Obviously, the Kit is compatible with Wi-Fi networks with a speed of 2.4 GHz and with a frequency of 433.92 MHz for remote activation using the special remote control that I will tell you about shortly.

One app, all smart!

As already mentioned, the beauty of such products is that everything can be managed from a single app: all the sensors are present from the first configuration of the smart group, and it is possible to activate or exclude them from the alarm with a single press. Tap on the smartphone screen.

Furthermore, it is possible to plan the activation and deactivation of the alarm directly from the application or refer to the LOG which contains all the alarms and activities recorded by each individual sensor with the reference time.

How does the Smart Sensor Kit work?

Once the group is fully configured standalone in the application (which seems obvious to me to stress that it must be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store and requires the creation of a user account), the entire sensor assembly in this package I have in my possession is fully configured and ready to use.

In the sales package, all sensors are already supplied buffer batteries (of various types and sizes, but the most common is CR2032), but first be sure to remove the small plastic plates that separate the battery from its contacts (to prevent it from discharging even before you turn it on).

Tuya smart home sensor kit

As you will see from the contents of the package, there are several sensors inside, which you just need to place in the area of ​​interest with one piece of double-sided tape, which is also included in the package. between tentacles Certainly more useful There is a 180-degree motion detection device to be applied to the wall or ceiling, but also door and window sensors that detect that they are open.

All of them Well calibrated and working fineAmong other things, through the application you can set a timer to delay its activation after the alarm has been activated, or exclude a specific sensor instead of another. The alarm is activated in two ways: if you are inside the house, or in any case near the installed system, using the remote control included in the package, while alternatively everything can be set remotely via the app asThe entire system is connected via Wi-Fi to the home network; In the absence of an internet connection, you will necessarily have to rely on the remote control.

Tuya smart home sensor kit

Among other things Accessories It comes packed and ready preformatted There is an alarm button that allows you to trigger an audible warning directly on the gate; Obviously, the volume of these warnings is not comparable to an outdoor siren, but I find it more useful to receive the alert notification directly on the smartphone and warn of any danger. However, the size of the gate can be adjusted via the side button on the gate itself, or alternatively in the settings in the Tuya app.

What are the pros and cons For a smart alarm system like this one you’ve tried? Among the advantages, there is definitely the ease of installation, which is practically affordable for everyone, the very low cost which makes it affordable for anyone, and last but not least, the extreme expandability of this system that can accommodate an infinite number of sensors without the need to add External consoles or units usually cost very high numbers.

Of the minuses, in fact, it must be said that this is not a real “alarm system” and security, since everything depends on a gateway connected to a socket and a Wi-Fi connection: the more reliable security systems have spare batteries, a SIM card inside, as well as an operations center (today it can also be controlled from a smartphone, which was impossible even a few years ago) and an external siren that can really make a difference in situations of danger.

If you need to plan to purchase IoT devices or OEM products in bulk, you can send an inquiry here. Additionally, you can seek advice from Tuya experts to see how Tuya supports the growth of smart enterprises.


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