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Android Auto has been redesigned. Here’s how to try out the new interface. Download Android Auto Beta to try all new features and Coolwalk

Android Auto: Try New Graphics Now

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at last android auto It’s still in beta at the moment, but will be updated.

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In this article, let’s see together how to try all the new features and new graphics immediately. android auto On any smartphone and car.

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Android Auto Relaunched: What’s New?

in this update android auto It really changes.

First of all, you should know that the update has its own name because it is so substantial. cool walk.

Some innovations are more obvious, as they concern graphics and functionality, while others are hidden under the hood.In any case, however, this update android auto It really matters.

First of all, we now have dock This allows you to easily switch between different applications and go full screen with one touch.

Then I have a function split screen Improved for all supported vehicles, A more modern media player A set of recommendations based on user preferences Number of notifications always displayed in the corner of the screen.

there is map It has been moved to the driver’s seat side, making it easier to see the information you need. interface multimedia It is clearly more colorful than the original version, as it is more comfortable to reach for the passenger and has the possibility of being resized in a dynamic way.

there too The window size dedicated to maps can be resized. A true panacea for cars with very specific form factor models.

Some of the innovations introduced in the new Android Auto interface more or less explicitly recall its appearance. car playa similar solution developed by Apple, that solved some of the key problems that brought the Cupertino home closer.

New Android Auto in video

How to try the new Android Auto beta now

Anyone with Android Auto in their car test the new interface If you request access to a beta program.

Registration is now closed, but Given that we have reached the maximum number of allowed participants, things may change in the next few hours.

Alternatively, you can download the APK file from APKMirror and install it on your smartphone.Not sure if the new interface works though android autobecause many features are server-side enabled by Google.


With the release of Android Auto 8.6, New interface available to all userseven if you’re not a beta tester.

here you are Direct link to download Android Auto 8.6 Try all new features now:

  • Android Auto APK v8.6 (arm64)
  • Android Auto APK v8.6 (arm-v7a)

How to enable the new Android Auto interface if it’s not enabled automatically

  • install Android Auto APK v8.6
  • close the app from multitasking
  • to go into setting On your phone, go to your apps list, Select Android Auto, select “Memory Storage” and clear cache and data
  • Reboot phone
  • Launch Android Auto and enjoy the new interface

Android Auto 8.6 beta registration

Download Android Auto from Play Store

Have you tried the new Android Auto yet?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments at the end of the article!

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