Together, Microsoft and Nvidia are building a supercomputer for the cloud and artificial intelligence

Nvidia and Microsoft have announced a multi-year partnership for Building an AI supercomputer in the cloud, adding tens of thousands of Nvidia GPUs to Microsoft Azure. The new deal makes Azure The first public cloud to house Nvidia’s entire AI division Which takes the form of graphics processing units, networks, and artificial intelligence software.

By enhancing Azure infrastructure with Nvidia’s full AI suite, more companies will be able to manage, deploy, and scale AI.

Manuvir Das, Vice President of Information Technology, NVIDIA Corporation, said:TheOur partnership with Microsoft will provide researchers and companies with the latest AI infrastructure and software to harness the transformative power of AI. “

Azure instances already have Nvidia A100 GPUs paired with Nvidia Quantum 200Gb/s InfiniBand Networks. future cases It will be integrated with Nvidia H100 GPUs and Nvidia Quantum-2400 Gb/s InfiniBand network.

Also, at this moment Nvidia AI Enterprise suite of software Certified and supported on Microsoft Azure instances with A100 GPUs. Support for Azure Instances H100 GPU will be added in a future software release.

Azure business customers will also have access to Nvidia’s full suite of AI workflows and SDKs, optimized for Azure.

The two companies will also collaborate for Developed by Microsoft DeepSpeed ​​deep learning optimization software.

The new deal also gives Nvidia the ability to do so Using Azure virtual machines to advance its research in generative AI. Generative intelligence is one of the most interesting applications of artificial intelligence. It is a set of deep learning methods that learn with the help of data that they produce themselves and that generate completely new elements.

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