Tips for decorating the bedroom

For neuro-architect Fiona Beenkens, working on the bedroom offers “an alternative that we often had not thought of before”. These are often “reasonably logical principles that sometimes make the difference”.

If, according to her, it is ideal to intervene before birth, adjustments can always be made afterwards. In particular, she advises to ideally position the head in the northeast, even north or east, but not west. The child should be able to see the door of his bed, have a wall behind his head and on one side of his bed.

In terms of colors, she advises against red, blue, white, gray, mauve and black. Also no plants, no mirrors or reflective surfaces. Then it is better to place the bed outside the door and window draft. And finally, don’t put your feet in front of the bedroom door.

All this has one goal: to make the child feel safe in his room. And to sleep peacefully.

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