This Xiaomi prototype should be a competitor to Huawei Mate X

Do you remember in 2019 Xiaomi Tickle the lovers’ palate foldable Showing one that can fold in on itself twice? Since then, Lei Jun’s company has effectively entered the leaflet market, albeit exclusively in China, allowing Samsung to completely consume the market. Now, after more than two years, we can say with certainty that this project has been abandoned and the first two Xiaomi publications are in keeping with the standard design, that is, a smartphone that has become a small tablet.

There is a foldable Xiaomi phone that could be the only competitor to the Huawei Mate X

This is not to say that companies like Xiaomi aren’t experimenting in the labs, making smartphones that will never see the light of day but are working to test possible workarounds. This is the patent case with which Xiaomi proves its intention to create not only foldable folders, but also smartphones Excellencethe technical terms referring to those publications with lo The screen is facing out.

Xiaomi foldable prototype

This type of flyer was shown for the first time at MWC 2019 with Huawei Mate X, which not so long ago received a second season. However, no other manufacturer has dared to do the same, because this form factor is aesthetically pleasing but makes the screen vulnerable to wear and tear from external elements, such as dust and various debris. As you know, foldable screens are much more fragile than those on regular phones.

But what was once a simple patent is taking shape Real pictures Posted by leakster Kuba Wojciechowski, Xiaomi’s foldable prototype gets concrete. This shows the company’s willingness to test the device to see if it can become a real product. As the leaker says, in fact, this smartphone “It should be a real phone, not a simple test“.

was based on then Snapdragon 855, so we are talking about a product that we assume should have arrived in 2019, when it gave way to the market of publications only Samsung and Huawei. On the contrary, Xiaomi decided to wait and launch the first Mi MIX Fold two years later and it was too late, given the nature of the prototype a little more than Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. The similarity of the prototype with the latter is great, also because this kind of structure means that The arrangement of the camera and unlock button is mandatory.

The Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 confirmed Xiaomi’s intention to stay on the more conservative design, and at this point we wonder if anyone other than Huawei would decide to take such a gamble.

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