This Lenovo computer has an extendable screen that doubles its height

Lenovo wants to hit hard on the rollable segment. Its new laptop model can greatly expand its slate in seconds.

Ambitious Prototype© Lenovo

Lenovo took advantage of Tech World 2022 to unveil ambitious prototypes of devices with rotatable OLED screens. Our interest was particularly focused on a laptop whose slab could double its initial size by sliding gracefully upwards.

Originally, laptops were used exclusively in nomadic mode. Over time, it has become more and more powerful, and it is enough for ordinary humans to do office tasks, live broadcasts or surf the Internet. The most powerful of them allow you to play and use resource-intensive editing software.

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Lenovo Extendable Display: A feel-good innovation

At home, you can combine your laptop with an external monitor to get a bigger screen. Something that wouldn’t be superfluous with Lenovo’s future computer that would be able to scale everywhere in the blink of an eye. Instead of folding in half like some of its peers, the PC would run a sliding mechanism that would extend the height of its screen. This opens up interesting prospects for multitasking in particular.

It remains to be seen if this ambitious prototype promoted by Lenovo will become a reality in the future. Note that the manufacturer is also planning to develop a foldable smartphone with a similar process. You can see them in action in the demo video below:

The Chinese brand is well established in the laptop market. According to the latest news, Lenovo has launched its latest 16-inch QHD gaming laptops with up to 240Hz refresh rate. And on the ultrabook side, we’ve been testing the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon a few weeks ago, which does the job despite limited connectivity and average streaming autonomy.

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