This is the letter Cospit of 41 bis gave instructions to the terrorists outside

Alfredo Cospito was sentenced to 41 bis by the Minister of Cartavia. Because from prison, without ever repenting, he continued to send letters to terrorists outside, instructing them how to carry out acts of violence that would harm those they considered enemies.

The date of the last letter Cospit sent to the anarchists was May 2022, a few days before it was published on 41 bis.he writes Kospit: “Finally, I would like to clarify one point. training That’s shit. With the least amount of pride, I will say that my life (like that of every anarchist worthy of that name) has been characterized by an attempt to combine theory and action. To the servants of power, I have only one thing to say. prison Even if you give up the rest of your life, you can’t take away my integrity and self-esteem, much less my joy and desire to fight you. ”

But why should Cospito be banned from meeting other prisoners? “Every time I enter the ‘general’ section, I am asked why I am there, and I proudly and sarcastically reply that I am a ‘terrorist’ All the doors are “open” to meMaximum solidarity. “Power” knows that’s why they’re isolating us in a special section.

Cospito da from prison direction Exactly to terrorists outside: “Many other anarchists passed through here, ask them. For now, as far as AS2 (high security) is concerned, I will only focus on the L’Aquila situation. In the other AS2, Alessandria and Terni, comrades of the Red Brigades, comrades of the communists, and Marco, one of our comrades in Alessandria, are prisoners. I don’t think this is a problem either. As for the communist comrades, I think they have been declassified. I don’t have a precise idea of ​​the idea of ​​coordinating between various solidarity funds.

A few months ago, Cospit wrote a letter encouraging his fellow anarchists to use violence: “Anarchists have historically ‘intervened in society’, as we say today, with clear ideas and inevitably acts of violencein different fields and contexts.they have always created in history fear, fear When anxiety privileged class and to any authority, government or agency And, of course, to all those authoritarian and revolutionary political constructs. Today, the level of violence that capitalism wields in perpetual warfare and techno-industrial societies equates to reply The number of rebellions should certainly be greater than that“.

Through a letter calling on anarchists not to postpone violent clashes, Cospito in 2019 said:It is more suicidal than ever to accept these logics now that this wall is cracking, and even today, in this time of systemic crisis, too many “anarchists and revolutionaries” Before you know it, you’ve fallen into a trap. We avoid confrontation in the plaza every time because we have a fixed queue for “communication” at the rally. Whenever picketing a strike, avoid violent “suicidal” confrontations with police and submit to decisions made by “base” representatives. This wall is strengthened every time the media shifts to appeasement to preserve their squat or “social center”. Underlying this strengthening is the continued postponement of violent and armed confrontation with the system. You must take the responsibility to bravely face the multitude of comrades and raise the level of confrontation. Only the angry impulse of individual initiative, bypassing the “rationality” of the assembly, can give us this power and overcome hesitation and fear. ”

In a letter claiming Cospito was a terrorist, in 2019 he wrote: “Anarchists should make it clear that they are at the forefront of street clashes, as they have done in part. By writing: We anarchists have always tended to complicate our lives, and nations are made up of people of flesh and blood.” Fear from anarchists – and? Fearing that one will wait for them at home, fearing that the (for them) ‘dark’ times will return, fear and terror changing sides…they tell us in every way , at least once you can give him credit…they fear their worst nightmare (which even some anarchists can’t believe). About this word that keeps using s? I firmly believe that “revolution” (a lofty word) can only be achieved by “those who have demons in their bodies.” And whoever has “the devil in his heart” is not afraid of the word “terrorism”. Because those in power all want to live in terror at least as much as their victims, the Cursed Ones of Earth. So I don’t want to sweeten this word out of my vocabulary. Certainly it is not the penal code containing the sentence or the threat of his 41bis “Sword of Damocles” hanging over my head that makes me change my mind. , and shut me up. Accusations of “terrorism” and “subversive associations” can only be read as “slander”.

Kospit gives the example of a Russian anarchist who blew himself up and wounded three agents.My optimism remains unchanged as I know that in half the world the evolution of the anarchist movement is going in the right direction Mikhail Zlovitzky With his gesture of revenge.”

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