This e-bike is being offered with an accessory kit for Black Friday

Despite the season being decidedly low on bike touring, Black Friday is undoubtedly one of the best times to take advantage of the discounts to take home an electric bike, although it would be better to call them pedal-assist bikes, and be ready to be when the beautiful season or the warm flashes of weather that will occur in the coming months compel you to get back in the saddle and have a nice ride.

GOGO BEST, an online store with warehouses in Europe for fast, customs and additional shipping, discounts some of its best models that are very affordable these days. Today we talk about it GOGO BEST GF300one fat tire foldable electric bike mainly intended for the city but not scorning some off-road adventures.

GOGOBEST GF300 on sale

GOGO BEST GF300as the F in the abbreviation of the name suggests, is one fat tire, a bike with extra wide wheels that ensures maximum comfort on the rough city streets without the risk of the wheels getting stuck between the tram tracks, for example. In this case, they are 20-inch diameter and 4-inch wide tires that help reduce vibration transmitted from the road surface to the handlebars.

The motor integrated in the rear wheel hub has a maximum power of 1,000 watts and allows you to achieve that Top speed of 25 km/h, in full compliance with current regulations. The battery behind the vertical tube that holds the saddle has a capacity of 12.5 Ah and after charging it allows a range of around 100 km in around six hours, although the battery can also be removed to blame at home and all to discourage evil intentions.

GOGO BEST GF300 certainly does not neglect the safety factor, as the proves double disc brake mechanical to limit the braking distance and the front and rear lights, with which you are always clearly visible. That Shimano 7-speed gearboxwith a 52-tooth sprocket, it is particularly suitable for city traffic, but thanks to the motor it can climb slopes of up to 35 degrees.

To facilitate transport in the car or on public transport, the bike can be folded, while the rear rack with a capacity of 25 kg is perfect for backpacks or shopping bags. All with IPX6 certificationto use the bike even in the rain without worrying that the water could cause any problems.

The frame is completely in 6061 aluminumto reduce weight, while the oil-filled front fork allows you to absorb bumps in the road surface, which is very useful during long trips off-road. There is a 5-inch LCD screen on the handlebars, which allows you to view a wide range of information such as speed, remaining range and the level of assistance used.

You can shop during Black Friday GOGO BEST GF300 759.99 euros instead of 799.99 euros with the voucher F7WQ68. Also, for only 1 euro you can take home the tool pack which includes the 11-in-1 repair tool, USB tail light and rear brake lock, products worth 50 euro.

Buy GOGOBEST GF300 for 759.99 euros

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