This Black Friday VPN deal is one of the cheapest and most comprehensive

If you’re still hesitant to fall into the trap of a VPN, now might be the time to do so. For Black Friday, Surfshark is offering a two-year subscription at a discounted price in addition to discounts on other products in its ecosystem.

Cyber ​​security is everyone’s business more than ever. More and more services and companies are the target of cyberattacks with the aim of stealing users’ data, endangering their privacy. If it is necessary to adopt an impeccable digital hygiene, many tools also make it possible to ensure the protection of personal data on a daily basis.

Among them, the simplest and most effective is undoubtedly a VPN, which is as simple a tool as it is effective. Surfshark, one of the well-known players in the VPN market, also offers many additional services to take this protection a step further. On the occasion of Black Friday, Surfshark also offers you to discover its ecosystem at a discount, such as a two-year VPN subscription for €51.41 in total.

Why choose Surfshark as your VPN solution?

Choosing Surfshark means choosing a VPN that is not based on its achievements, and is constantly striving to evolve its offer and infrastructure. In recent months, the company has significantly increased its presence across the world, reaching more than 100 countries. A very extensive list now includes countries such as Ghana, Puerto Rico, and even Saudi Arabia.

Since last year, Surfshark has also pledged to improve its infrastructure with a server replacement campaign. More and more sites now have 10Gbps servers instead of 1Gbps servers, which guarantees de facto faster speeds when you connect to them.

Finally, Surfshark regularly introduces new features to better protect users’ data. One of the most recent, Surfshark Nexus (which allows you to use the entire Surfshark server family to increase the stability and protection of your connection) has thus been named “VPN Solution of the Year” on the occasion of the 6th edition of the Cybersecurity Hacking Awards.

What does Surfshark VPN offer?

Surfshark’s main advantage over its competitors is undoubtedly the importance it places on the privacy of its users. The company already has a strict no-logs policy (no connection logs, IP, history, etc.), thanks to its creation in the British Virgin Islands on the one hand and the use of 100% RAM servers on the other. This policy is also regularly subjected to external audits which have passed successfully so far.

In order to provide the most effective protection possible, Surfshark provides its users with several very useful features such as:

  • Clean Web, which allows you to block ads, banners, and other trackers used by visited websites;
  • MultiHop, a service that allows simultaneous connection to two remote servers to reduce tracking risk;
  • pop-up and cookie blocker, which you will hide on your screen for quiet browsing;
  • IP Rotator which, as its name suggests, changes your IP address regularly without you having to disconnect.

For the rest, Surfshark always:

  • 3,200+ servers spread across 100 countries;
  • highly effective circumvention of geoblocks;
  • the ability to use Surfshark services on all your devices without restrictions;
  • AES 256 data encryption;
  • two-factor authentication;
  • 24/7 support in case of a problem.

What are Surfshark’s Black Friday Deals?

For now, until Cyber ​​Monday, Surfshark invites you to discover its VPN subscription at a discount. By subscribing to the offer for two years, you will benefit from a preferential rate and will pay only 51.41 € for the entire period. You’ll also get two months of free subscription, which pushes the protection period to 26 months in total.

In addition to its VPN offer, Surfshark also offers two other discount offers:

And if you’re still hesitating, finally know that Surfshark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its services. Long enough to see if your subscription is right for you.

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