These popular apps are draining your battery behind your back, delete them fast!

McAfee reported that 16 widely used Android apps are infected with Trojan clicks. The latter go to sites to generate false traffic, reducing the autonomy of your smartphone.


After Facebook password stealing apps, the Google Play Store has also shipped a series of malicious apps for your smartphone or tablet. It is no longer available in the digital store. But they will continue to annoy you if you do not remove them from your device.

Task manager, QR code reader, flashlight… McAfee researchers recently identified 16 Android apps infected with Trojan clicks. It was downloaded more than 20 million times before Google cleaned up. Once installed, the applications released their malicious code, with the malware beginning to open websites behind the user’s back.

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Apps that turn your device into a click farm

Hackers’ goal is to generate fake views and fake clicks to line the pockets of ad scammers. Actions that also do not affect your system. While your phone is browsing sites in the background, your battery life will suffer as if you were surfing the web yourself. If you have weird apps on your phone and your battery life isn’t what it used to be, now you know why!

Of course, no one wants their smartphone to become a power-hungry click farm. Here is the full list of infected apps that need urgent removal:

  • High speed camera
  • Smart task manager
  • Flashlight + (kr.caramel.flash_plus)
  • 달력 메모장
  • K-dictionary
  • Busan bus
  • flashlight+ (com.candlecom.candleprotest)
  • Quick note
  • currency converter
  • Joy Code
  • Ezdeca
  • Instagram Profile Downloader
  • EZ Notes
  • 손전등
  • 계산기
  • Flashlight + (

Source: McAfee

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