The Xiaomi urban scooter is on sale on Black Friday

Do you want an efficient and inexpensive scooter for your daily commute? Xiaomi Mi Scooter Essential delivers everything you would expect without going overboard. With a price tag of less than 300 euros, it is highly recommended.

It may not be the most efficient electric scooter on the market, but the Xiaomi Mi Scooter Essential is, as its name suggests, a model that offers the basics of urban mobility without breaking the bank. It’s even more affordable during the Black Friday period with €50 off its starting price.

Key points of Mi Scooter Essential

  • Speed ​​limited to 20 km/h via 3 modes
  • Average autonomy 20 km
  • Active braking system

Instead of the usual 349 euros, the Xiaomi Mi Scooter Essential is now available for sale at only 298.97 euros at Electro Depot during Black Friday.

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Where to buy

Xiaomi Mi Scooter Essential at the best price?

City and city above all

With a maximum of 20 km/h in Sport mode and 15 km/h in Standard mode, don’t expect performance with the Mi Scooter Essential, which has clearly been designed for urban use only. It is ideal for moving around in small spaces and on organized paths. Changing modes is very easy with the button at the bottom of the LCD screen, even while running.

The level of autonomy is also far from the best, but that’s not the point. The Essential can be used for about twenty kilometers, more than enough for short day trips, and ideal for commuting to work in the city, for example.

Practical functions

Mi Scooter Essential only shows 12 kilograms on the scale, compared to more than 14 kilograms for the more advanced models. Folds in half for easy storage and transportation. The screen is located on the handlebar to display information such as the mode in use, the speed at which you are riding, or the remaining battery gauge.

This scooter offers IP 54 certification for rain and dust resistance. It also has a dual regenerative braking system as well as E-ABS on the front wheel to ensure user stability during deceleration periods. Everything is under control thanks to the dedicated app and you can consult practical information such as the distance traveled or the average speed. You can also perform the lock remotely.

To find out more, feel free to read our test of the Xiaomi Mi Scooter Essential.

7 / 10

Xiaomi Mi Scooter Basics

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