The World Cup in 4K or cloud gaming at 120Hz? The best ASUS network hardware

When we think of network devices optimized for gaming, ASUS It is certainly one of the market benchmarks, but also with its ZenWiFi catalog it has managed to hit the mark with a rich and layered range of products for all needs and price ranges, from multimedia entertainment to streaming games, passing through reliability in smart work .
Devices with unique and comprehensive features, such as AI security for life of their routers, which are often subject to expensive subscriptions when we talk about other brands. So here are the devices to focus on to get the best network experiences for your home, from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 streamed in 4K to Cloud gaming High quality and high framerate.

ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12

The powerful ET12 is the latest evolution of the Networking systems from ASUSDesigned to deliver the best technology on the market in terms of connectivity and performance.
The new style features a clean, streamlined design, with a distinctive uniform and elegant shape that integrates perfectly with any room in the home. every device on this network It is equipped with WiFi 6E and operates at 6GHz With all compatible home appliances, but also integrates two LAN ports and two 2.5G WAN ports.

The beating heart of ASUS mesh network management is AIMesh, and of course the ET12s are fully supported, improving and facilitating positioning and configuration, while operational stability and network performance are ensured by a 2.0 GHz CPU at 64-bit and a Broadcom WiFi6 chip.
But now some numbers: With 10 built-in antennas, the ET12s support up to 12 streams, greatly increasing the number of devices that can be managed simultaneously, all for an overall cumulative throughput. Up to 11000 Mbps. Added to this is support for the 6GHz band, which ensures improved latency and an overall more reliable connection.
To explain the importance of installing routers Wi-Fi 6E The one that exploits this range is ASUS itself, coupling this signal with a kind of fast path that guarantees complete freedom from interference, and will be placed in parallel with the now crowded 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

The new ZenWiFi Pro ET12 is of course also compatible with AIProtection Prowhich allows you to have a complete web protection profile to navigate all your devices in complete safety, guaranteed by a free ASUS Premium plan updated for life.
to purchase ZenWiFi ET12Amazon Italy offers it in sets of one to three pieces starting at € 464.76.

Line ZenWiFi It includes many other models for every need such as:
– ZenWiFi XD4 AX Mini AX1800
– ZenWiFi XT9 AX7800
– ZenWiFi XD6 Series (XD6 / XD6S)


We have often covered the subject in these pages Networking related to online and cloud games. Among the most interesting devices from ASUS, at this juncture, we cannot fail to highlight the RT-AX86U, a dual-band AX5700 router specially designed for PC, console and mobile gaming.
Featuring WiFi 6 channels, 160MHz and speeds up to 2Gbps, the AX86U also supports mesh systems and comes with AIProtection Pro technology included in the price.
Among its characteristics we find Mobile gaming mode Which allows you to reduce lag and latency with a tap on the ASUS Router app, improve connectivity and increase the priority of exchanges with your favorite mobile device, greatly improving online multiplayer sessions.

Naturally, ASUS has also thought of all the other gaming hardware that the average user usually uses for their favorite titles. For this reason, there is no shortage of functionality on board with this router gear acceleratorto prioritize a console or PC that needs an extra boost to increase speed and bandwidth.
It is no coincidence that the AX86U is among the routers Recommended by NVIDIA for GeForce NOWa cloud gaming service that streams games in up to 4K at 120Hz to supported devices.
Also in this case the offer is broad and layered. In addition to the ASUS RT-AX86U, the most demanding gamers will also find interesting models oriented expressly to the gamesHow:
-TUF Gaming AX3000
ROG Strix GS-AX5400
– ROG Rapture GT-AX6000
– ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000

ASUS AX56 Dual Band

Desktop systems without WiFi also have the right to connect to the Internet wirelessly. For those who find themselves in this situation of need, we suggest taking a look at a USB adapter ASUS AX56 AX1800 Dual Banda dongle capable of transforming your network experience thanks to WiFi 6 over USB 3.2 Gen1 with speeds of up to 1800 Mbps and increased coverage even in high-density environments.
It’s a practical and efficient system, with exceptional ease of installation thanks to its simplified plug-and-play system on the main desktop operating system.

Among other things, this system allows an immediate and non-invasive upgrade even for those who are looking for a solution of this kind for their laptops with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the network connection in terms of coverage and energy savings, with a higher range of up to 80% and 7 times less consumption than WiFi 5 with Target wake-up timewhich reduces the power consumption of idle devices.
To learn more and possibly buy it, we suggest taking a look at the official ASUS page for the AX1800 Dual Band USB WiFi Adapter.

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