The weather icon returns to Android Auto but disappears from Coolwalk

Google is making a massive overhaul of Android Auto and has just released the public beta of the new version of the system, codenamed “Coolwalk”.

Android Auto has always been a vector of bugs and one of the many has plagued the weather widget, often disappearing and then reappearing multiple times.

The weather icon returns to Android Auto but disappears from the Coolwalk redesign

According to Google’s support forum page, the weather and temperature icon have returned to Android Auto, apparently with no updated apps and no hardware repaired, updated, replaced, or removed.

However, other reports claim that the weather icon has disappeared in Android Auto’s “Coolwalk” redesign, which lets you view up to three apps at once and gives the platform a whole new look.

The redesign removes the top status bar and introduces a bottom bar showing apps or widgets and a link to view notifications. In the corner, the bar shows the time, the remaining battery charge of the smartphone and the strength of the network signal, but unfortunately there is no information or icons about the weather.

Of course, it’s possible that Google will also bring it back to life on the new version of Android Auto before releasing it to all users.

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