The very special ending of Episode 7 of Bleach!

The weeks go by and the new anime from Bleach continues to amaze us. While the battle between the Sternritters and the Shinigami has just reached a new level, a new sequence was revealed during Episode 7. This sequence, which served as the ending theme, brought to light elements never mentioned in the manga.

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Recent events in Bleach

During the previous episode, Bleach fans witnessed a fight to the death between the figureheads of the two warring camps. These are, of course, Yhwach, the lord of Wandenreich, and Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, the chief captain of the 13 divisions.

After a breathless fight that kept all his promises, Captain Yamamoto bowed to Yhwach. This defeat turned the entire Gotei 13 upside down and the culmination of this frustration was materialized by the appearance of Ichigo Kurosaki.

This fight is also one of the topics that fans are in awe of. And it was transcribed very well on social networks. But we are not going to dwell on this fight, because the subject that attracts attention is the final theme. We invite you to check out this famous theme below:

The special ending theme

Many fans were surprised by the release of a special ending theme for Episode 7 of Bleach. But why is there a special ending theme for this episode in particular? Basically, episode 7 actually marks a major turning point in the battle between the shinigami and the Sternritter. We can say in a way that this is only the first round.

At the end of this battle, in which the Shinigami camp will be greatly weakened, it’s time to heal the wounds and regain your strength. The next fights will be even harder and the Quincy will come out stronger after the blow to the Shinigami. At the end of the episode, you didn’t miss the change in the final theme.

During this unprecedented series, fans had the great surprise to discover the faces of the 13 original captains of the 13 divisions. We also saw Chief Captain Yamamoto younger and fiercer than ever. And if you look at the footage, you can see that Yhwach wasn’t exaggerating when he talked about it. They are really bloodthirsty.

What if a spin-off dedicated to the story of these 13 captains was born? What did you think of this special ending theme? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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