The Ventilus and Boucle du Hainaut projects are old, Revolht writes to Alexander De Croo

In this open letter, Rivault reaffirms her opposition to “anachronistic projects such as Ventilus and Boucle du Hainaut”.

The Flemish government announced a few days ago that it had accepted the conclusions of the German Professor Westermann’s report regarding the Ventilus high-voltage connection file, which aims to transmit the electrical energy produced by the offshore wind turbines in Belgium by air and not by an underground line. This project will connect Zeebrugge and Avelgem, where another link, “la Boucle du Hainaut”, is scheduled to start in the direction of Courcelles.

Revolht notes in its letter that the two high-voltage link projects are “obsolete” from a technological point of view, which calls for air-to-air alternating current, in terms of capacity, i.e. six 6-gigawatts estimated in 2018 versus 15-gigawatts. Announced on the horizon 2030-2040. The association adds that it is “obsolete” by its commissioning, which “will be delayed until 2035 due to legal proceedings, appeals, and upcoming state boards.”

Revolht recalls the terms of its project via a direct current line and an underground line, less invasive according to the association, without a “negative impact”, less impact at the budget level, on the length of the delay.

“Everyone has a card in hand. We’ve already lost two years. It’s time to be ambitious, especially when we’re talking about decarbonising our economy and making Belgium’s energy transition a success,” Rivault’s message concludes.

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