The Tweetbot team bids farewell to Twitter and launches a new Mastodon client, Ivory

Released on the App Store ivory, Mastodon client that replaces the official oneAnd developers can devote some resources to its development: they are the same as Tweetbot, the famous Twitter client. Tweetbot, along with several other clients, was forced to shut down overnight due to Musk’s social network’s decision to block alternative apps. to the official one.

like this New core business of the team that oversaw the development of Tweetbot now it’s ivory, is currently only available for iPhone and iPad, and it’s not clear that it’s coming to the Play Store sooner or later (Tweetbot, for example, remains exclusive to Apple products). There should be a Mac app instead, but the Mastodon client has been in the news since at least December last year when it was revealed to be in beta.

Anyone can download Ivory should be complete and stable, but its development isn’t finished yetThe team has moved forward in response to Twitter’s ban by checking the official website (link within link) sauce) it is clear that there is Many ideas not yet implemented, basic things like editing your profile and posts. So if with it he accesses Mastodon, expectations are low. “Real” Ivory would be a different story than the current one.

But it’s good to see Ivory right away. Not a free client. Or rather, you can install it without taking out a euro, but all you can do is surf social networks and read posts. 1.99 euro per monthThere is clearly a need for developers to replicate in the Mastodon environment the experiences that Twitter users have had with Tweetbot for 10 years.A subscription is also available if you wish. From €17.99 per yearbut for now some sacrifices have to be considered, including the Italian interface.

There is definitely more to do, and while the app seems to have it all, Intrigued: it will be there in a few days Number 20 in the social network sectionA good start to a new adventure. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I am away from Twitter.

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