The Thanksgiving Sting: How Much More Dinner Costs

Today is a special day in the United States when the Thanksgiving (or Thanksgiving) with the traditional parades of allegorical floats, religious celebrations and the ubiquitous family feast where people gather around the table to eat stuffed turkey, the symbolic dish of the American holiday. A celebration this year that has been marred by runaway inflation and price hikes that the Biden administration can’t seem to fix. Corresponding forbes, inflation has significantly boosted Americans’ food spending this year, and now soaring prices are making one of the nation’s favorite foods so much more expensive. According to the American Farm Bureau, the price of a Thanksgiving dinner for ten people increased by more than 20% compared to 2021. It is the second year in a row that prices have increased compared to the previous year: in 2021 they had increased by 14%.

Inflation doesn’t stop, Thanksgiving “salty” for Americans

It is estimated that one dinner will be served for ten people on average this year 64 dollars, against 53 for the year. The most consistent increase is for the most important meal of the entire Thanksgiving dinner, the Turkeywhose price has increased by 20.7% from an average of about $23 for a 7.3 kg bird versus the current nearly 29.”Inflation, which drastically reduces consumer purchasing power, is a major factor contributing to the rise in the average Thanksgiving dinner cost‘ he explained Roger Cryan of the American Farm Bureau, the association of American agricultural producers. All of the Thanksgiving dinner staples have gone up in price this year except for one: cranberries. The biggest price increases, along with turkey, are fillings, which are up 69%, and whipped cream.

The President is happy, but inflation remains a problem

On Monday, US President Joe Biden hosted the White House the traditional Thanksgiving opening ceremony, where two turkeys are “pardoned” from a North Carolina farm, Circle S Ranch. The two specimens, weighing around 20 kilos, Chocolate and Chip, do not end up in the oven but are transferred to the Department of Scientific Studies at the University of Munich North Carolina. Speaking about the recent midterm elections, Biden emphasized: “The only red wave this season will be when our German Shepherd spills cranberry sauce on the table‘ the Democratic president joked. Regarding inflation, Biden emphasized that “This holiday season we are seeing the first signs that inflation is slowing down. People are vaccinated. And our unemployment rate is near a 50-year lowIn fact, the inflation rate recorded in October is 7.7% in October compared to 8.2% in September, a sign that the peak may finally be behind us. However, for months Joe Biden has been saying that his administration is anti-inflationary is struggling and it’s far too early to celebrate that Americans grappling with Thanksgiving know anything about it.

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