the Supreme Court of Justice is conducting a special investigation

Here’s the press release.

“On the morning of November 10, 2022, Yassine M. went to a police station and stated that he wanted to carry out attacks against the police. The public prosecutor’s office was informed of this and instructed the police, in particular, to accompany the person concerned to the psychiatric ward of a hospital. Early in the evening, Yassine M. sprang into action, killing one police officer and wounding another. These events caused a lot of commotion and many questions about the progress of police, judicial and hospital interventions.

A judicial investigation has now been opened.

One of the tasks of the High Council of Justice is to improve the functioning of justice for the benefit of citizens. It exercises, through its Advisory and Investigative Committees, external control over the judiciary through audits or targeted investigations and by handling citizens’ complaints. The High Council of Justice is therefore the institution responsible for investigating, in complete independence and in an objective manner, any dysfunctions in the judicial system.

The meeting of the Advisory and Investigative Committee today decided to open a special investigation into the Yassine M case. The special investigations of the Supreme Court of Justice concern the functioning of the judicial system, not individual responsibilities. If necessary, recommendations will be made to prevent such events from happening again.

For the second time, the Supreme Court of Justice is conducting a specific investigation into an ongoing judicial file with a right of access to the file. It will not comment on the facts, nor on the content of any judicial decisions: the independence of the judiciary is indeed essential for the proper functioning of the rule of law.

Any criminal proceedings, like any specific investigation, must be allowed to proceed peacefully. The High Council of Justice will therefore not provide information on the progress of the specific investigation before it is closed. »

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