The spread of Vodafone network problems that are not working today, November 20

It should be noted that There are widespread problems with the Vodafone network today, November 20th, in light of various reports from the public. A real anomaly, because unlike what has been reported about a month With our latest article under the headingAt this stage It seems that the damage is not geolocated. Given that the malfunction seems to be more related to the mobile phone line, complaints come from different regions of the country. Not numbers that indicate an overall decline, but definitely a story to watch very carefully in the next few minutes.

Confirmed Vodafone network problems that stopped working today 20 November: first results in this regard

So, after a few hours of uncertainty, we can say that Vodafone’s network not working problems have been confirmed today, November 20. From 7 this SundayPart of the user finds it difficult to connect, so much so that they can forward a report just by relying on the WiFi connection. At the time of publishing our articles, General support notes Nor do they make clear the extent of the disorder, nor how long recovery will take:

Sorry for what you wrote. For an in-depth verification of the position you are reporting on, please write to us privately. You will be contacted immediately with the operator that best suits your needs, at first TOBi will just ask you if you need help for a landline or for a mobile line and what kind of help you want“.

Are you also dealing with issues affecting the Vodafone network? If your mobile connection is not working (or alternatively the local line) Today is November 20, feel free to comment on our article, in order to better understand how things are going. Real-time updates also from Down Detector.

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