The six films have been added to Netflix as of November 23, 2022

The Netflix newsball continues! The streaming giant is bringing you six new feature films for this new week of November. The penultimate before December finally ended. Two new Christmas movies are waiting for you on Netflix over the next few days. But also drama, thriller and spy movie. We tell you everything!

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Christmas on the farm – family comedy

The first Christmas comedy of the week! The story follows a young family who moves to a farm after it is inherited by Abi. In the middle of the holiday season, the father is having a lot of trouble finding his bearings in the small village, while the children love the place. The latter will then devise a plan so that their father will appreciate the village and decide to stay there forever.

Criminal network – espionage

This Polish film invites you to follow the efforts of an ex-cop to find the killers of his friend. The latter was an a priori school teacher with no history, until he was murdered. The ex-cop then decides to be hired as the new teacher, aiming to secretly investigate within the institution and identify the perpetrators himself. He is convinced that those responsible are members of a vile gang. But what if he gets everything wrong?

Bathers – a drama

Based on an incredible true story, this new Netflix movie chronicles the journeys of two sisters who flee Syria in hopes of a better future. Incredibly talented at swimming, they will use their extraordinary skills to change not only their lives, but also the lives of many people. their dream? Take part in the Rio Olympics. A dream that brings hope to all those who are also trying to flee the war, to those who cannot. heroic dream

He lies ! – comedy

This teen movie follows the setbacks of Chema, a high school student like all the others. Chema is determined to lose his virginity before going to college. But for that, he must first find a girl! It is then that the beautiful Claudia arrives, a new woman whom Chima sets her sights on. Challenge launched: Chema will do everything to go out with Claudia and sleep with her. But how is he going to seduce the prettiest girl in high school? Head to Netflix to find out!

Noel’s Diary – Drama, Romance

Christmas drama, anyone? Find Jake and Rachel on a strange and unexpected journey as they discover their past and their future. It all starts when Jake, a best-selling author, has to come home to settle his mother’s estate. Then he finds a mysterious diary and also meets Rachel, a young woman searching for answers about her past. What if they have a common history? Jake and Rachel will team up to try to understand the story told in the diary…

Patient – thriller, drama

A story full of mystery, do you like it? Follow Thomas’ questions to get answers after a three-month long coma. The young man awakens with amnesia, and discovers that his entire family has been massacred. Only he and his sister Laura remain, but they cannot be found. But what happened? With the help of his psychiatrist, Thomas will try to find his memories, but it is not easy. Is Thomas ready to face the shocking truth behind this case?

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