The Sims 5: When it comes out and all the curiosity about the video game

one of sims It is one of the most popular epic video games of all time, with millions of passionate players around the world. with chapter four, The Sims 4This resulted in exciting news, including new features and new game modes. The great success of this story has naturally confirmed the continued interest in this saga that is increasingly capable of offering welcome surprises and confirmations. Now released in 2017 this last chapter, many are wondering when it will be possible to jump to the next chapter, which was highly anticipated The Sims 5. This is under development EA Games Studiosbut there is little information available so far.

It is possible to imagine that this will soon become available for Netx-Gen consoles, thus taking the video game to new levels never seen before. CEO of EA, Andrew Wilson Indeed, he confirmed this will, which he will thus bring The Sims 5 to represent the series’ rejuvenation. With its 20th anniversary coming in 2020, and over 200 million copies sold, anticipation for the new title is greater than ever. It is difficult to say what the new chapter in the series will offer, but it is reasonable to expect many novelties in terms of graphics and content.

In any case, The Sims 4 It continues to hit the headlines with a plethora of DLC expansions or related content, and the game’s sales continue to be a huge victory for the company. In addition to the development plans for The Sims 5So, this still seems focused on expanding the narrative world of Chapter 4 as much as possible. This may represent a slowdown in the creation of the new title, but sooner or later it will catch on, becoming the new center of attention for both players and creators.

The Sims 5: The video game’s release date and price

There are currently no official dates on a possible release for the video game, which will likely require a few more years of work. By default, this can be declared toFall 2022 or directly for 2023. By then, in fact, EA should have completed development, allowing for the The Sims 5 to officially replace its predecessor. Moreover, already in the course of 2022, we could witness some additional communications that will clarify the fate of the video game and how long it will be necessary to wait to see it. It’s hard to assume something about the price the video game will have, even if it’s likely to be close to normal 39.99 eurosas it was for The Sims 4.

The Sims 5 For PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC

As expected, with new next-gen consoles hitting the market, it’s almost certain that the new video game in the series will be primarily available to them. So it will be possible to have fun The Sims 5 on me Playstation 5 And the Xbox X/S. It is also envisaged that the game will also become available Microsoft Windows computersIt can be purchased from platforms such as steam or epic shop. There will definitely be gods requirements You’re content to be able to play it on PC, but these things will only become known when the video game is published.

The Sims 5 Will it be online and multiplayer?

The latest video game releases are found in the mode Online Wonderful and satisfying news. In fact, this allows you to intensify interactions between Sims, which gives additional value to the game. So it is very likely that it is, too The Sims 5 It will be equipped with this mod, and possibly moved to other levels. EA CEO Andrew Wilson announced that future video games will increasingly rely on social interactions and competitions. This indicates that the online job will not only be present in the new chapter, but also a particularly important part of it.

Moreover, some international websites have recently reported the news that The Sims 5 It can add a multiplayer mode, allowing more players to interact within the game. It is not yet clear how this new possibility will be configured, especially in terms of playability The Sims 5 Online, and it is not certain that the game will actually have this new mode. However, on several occasions EA leaders have hinted that the introduction of multiplayer is a natural progression for this saga.

The Sims 5: How to play the video game

far as the Play The video game will certainly once again introduce the main characteristics or dynamics of the series, but there will certainly also be completely new novelties. It could be one of these mechanismsopen worldExists in The Sims 3 But it is absent in sims 4. It’s an increasingly prevalent style in the world of video games, and is almost an imperative for some titles. Due to huge fan demand, it is likely that this mode will be reintroduced in the new chapter, possibly with updates and improvements that make it even more compelling.

Other gameplay-related novelties will undoubtedly be found in the environments, the houses and the different things that can be furnished with them. Even the Sim’s customization itself could see further updates, and the introduction of new outfits or physical characteristics. Furthermore, it is legitimate to imagine that the graphics themselves would offer a better degree of identification, in keeping with the times. In the end, The Sims 5 It may also lead to cars or other means of travel. These, which players have requested over and over again, represent the perfect way to explore an open world The Sims 5. In order to obtain confirmation of all these assumptions, it will be necessary to wait for some other communication related to the video game.

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