The sad vision that prompted James Spratt to invent dog food

Eggs, peas, bread, and meat (such as chicken and pork) are highly prized foods, both by us and our four-legged friends: dogs. On the other hand, it could be foods like chocolate and onions very dangerous our fido.

Natália Kovalkovičová published a book in 2009 that sheds light on foods that are toxic to all pets (Some foods are toxic to pets):The Chocolate is toxic to all speciesespecially for small dogs… dark chocolate is more toxic, milk chocolate is less so, and white chocolate has to be consumed in very large quantities to cause a serious problem“.

The best school of thought is always to serve only tailor-made Fido foods formulated for their diet. The first inventor of “dog food” was James Spratt in 1860. He was a merchant and lightning conductor technician from Ohio. To practice his profession, Spratt traveled to many places, even Liverpool, England, whose dock was so important.

Immediately, according to the story, the man saw some poor stray dogs Feeding on “human” biscuits. However, these animals were potentially lethal to the creatures, but they were also the only food they had available. In the wake of “hardtake“, a biscuit that can satisfy the appetite of American soldiers. For a long time, Spratt wanted to create a specific food for dogs. Before its invention, pets were kept alive leftover dishes of their masters Or simply search for food.

without the Beef fibrin dog cake At Spratt, we won’t have croquettes today and all those chain foods that we can safely serve to Fido. Although it was created to allow stray dogs to survive, the bite – based on vegetables, beetroot, beef and wheat – attracted attention of the nobility of the timewho wanted the best for their dogs.

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