The risk of NGO fraud, the Somahoro-Iran paradox: therefore, today…

– It seems that Robert Hope Considering establishing a “something” from the left, it is not clear what relationship he should have with the Democratic Party. I think the left was on the same point with Renzi, but without a strong leader: divided between those who want to create something reformist (Bonaccini) and those who want the company back (Eli Schlein and co). Who will win, I do not know. Maybe Giuseppe Conte

– History of Captain Al’s armband Globalism From Qatar 2022 Doesn’t excite me too much. I’m just pointing out two things. That in the face of a frivolous yellow card, the federations didn’t care about LGBT rights. They were willing to pay the amount due for the fine (and they are full of money) but didn’t really pay to defend rights with a warning. That’s all the embarrassing hypocrisy of certain demonstrations: if you really believe that, what could be a yellow card in the face of gay discrimination in Qatar? Kneeling at the European Championships in protest of racism that does not exist in Europe is very easy. Go ask Iranian soccer players how much their decision not to sing the national anthem would cost them. Yes, that’s a brave act. Not the hypocrisy of European footballers.

– I muniskins They won the American Music Awards. Well done to them. But can you explain to me why they all have to appear on stage to receive the award in their suspenders?

– A trade unionist’s wife complains that the workers in the cooperative where she worked are “manipulated by the unions.” But this contrast is beautiful sumahoro

There is nothing worse than FIFA’s antics on racism, respect and LGBT rights. If you want to campaign seriously, then you have to respect the migrant workers in Qatar who died building the stadiums. Or ask Doha for a clear stance on gay rights, but it’s been a while. Kneeling during matches or wearing a “non-discrimination” armband is just a way to wash your conscience. Which is pathetic too. The best thing is to stop seeing sports in terms of politics and enjoy the show. Here: If I were an Infantino, I’d rather worry about the fact that the sport has become terribly boring.

Europe seems to have woken up to the issue of immigrants. today is commission He admits that there is a big problem in the Central Mediterranean and says he wants to include the code of conduct for NGOs, requested by Piantedosi, in the proposal to address the issue of migration. So much for isolated Italy in Europe.

– “I completely agree with the need for more coordination between coastal states, flag states, NGOs and other relevant actors. The lack of coordination is one of the problems. It is important to continue to look for solutions in this regard,” says the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Elva Johansson. I have a lot of doubts that all this will then turn into something tangible. After eight years of mass migrations to Italy, I am now like St. Thomas: until I see, I do not believe. For now, fuffology still applies. And the risk of fraud is always around the corner.

– The European Union discovers that the resettlement agreements that different countries signed with Italy remained a dead letter. It took a mess Ocean Viking to throw it in the face of Europe. Is it possible that they did not realize before that European “solidarity” towards Italy remained a dead letter?

– Reading the 20-point plan that the Committee is expected to present this week to the Extraordinary Council for Home Affairs, it seems to me that there is a lot of smoke and little fire. Lots of ‘coordination’, ‘shared vision’, ‘unified effort’, but little concreteness. In short, there is a key statement missing: who is saved by non Governmental Organization You should go to the flag states. Without acknowledging this principle, I bet nothing will change.

Do you remember the last Super Mario press conference? the DragonWhen he said the price cap was set because the European Council made a “decision”? here you are. Weeks have passed and there is not even a shadow of that “decision”. exactly the contrary. A meeting of European energy ministers is scheduled for next Thursday, but the sources have already announced that it will be just an exchange of views without any real agreement on the price ceiling. Capitals think very differently. The Commission’s proposal also did not satisfy hearts. Above all, one point is missing: what is the maximum “price” at which the ceiling will be set? mystery. Meanwhile, winter is approaching…

– Iran may be poor, but England has a huge advantage: they show us football played vertically, without various passes and dribbling. I did well

– We need to untangle the mammoth’s trick on this economic maneuver. The story of “the center-right has broken all the promises made to the electorate” is simple nonsense. Do you know why? Because governments must last for five years and no executive is able to fully honor the electoral mandate in the first budget, and above all – as in this case – a large part of the money (21 billion) must end up with financing bills due for the war in Ukraine. Less nonsense, thank you.

– The politically correct princes who flee Twitter because of a tyrant Elon Musk Bring stinking Trump back, it’s the same ones who cover “poor” Elon with insults. Freedom of speech is only enjoyed when they enjoy it.

Republic He chose Conte as his next captain. We rejoice because, given the precedents, this probably meant his political end.

– Well but controversy arose over He presses It’s great. Explain you. Yesterday the newspaper of Massimo Giannini patron of political correctness and always home device A feminist in the style of Michela Murgia, he published Patrizio Batti’s story of the 20 times he went to have sex with one of the prostitutes who were murdered in Rome. He says it like it’s normal. there He presses Perhaps he sees half news in her, but does not take into account the indignation she will unleash. Indeed, feminists and anti-violence networks write to Giannini, aghast that she has chosen to publish a self-denunciation of the porn boss (in the technical sense who usually goes to prostitutes). But what he writes best is a self-justifying editorial Annalisa Kozukriawitty for heaven, but with only one flaw: it should have been written yesterday, next to The Story of the Flower Head, and not today when the omelette is now finished.

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