The Raspberry Pi CEO expects the shortage to end within a year

Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton said he believes The disruption in his company’s supply chain, due in part to the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, will be completely resolved ‘within a year’paving the way for a more powerful product in the Pi range.

speaking to Micro Center, Upton also praised the Raspberry Pi 400which has been the most accessible Pi throughout the pandemic, and promises other products in what it calls the “100th series.”

These comments confirm that the all-in-one 400 form factor, which places the Pi’s printed circuit board (PCB) inside the keyboard, will continue to be the company’s focus, though Upton didn’t provide more details. No computer board is immune from imperfection, but the Raspberry Pi Pico is doing well, becoming the go-to board for computer enthusiasts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pico owes its longevity to the RP2040, the company’s first in-house designed chip, which is also prevalent, as Upton describes it, to the “explosion” of third-party cards.

As reported by Tom’s Hardware, major manufacturers such as Adafruit, Seeed, Sparkfun, and Ardunio, as well as more “boutique” manufacturers have since introduced boards equipped with the RP2040.

As the most popular and popular choice for single-board mini computers, the end of shortfalls will undoubtedly be welcomed by computer enthusiasts and those looking to put their Python skills to good use.

And while it’s true that anything could happen by then, Upton’s comments can at least be greeted with cautious optimism.

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