The Rainbow Caps declined upon entering the match between the United States and Wales

“As we were queuing, we heard that people wearing a rainbow bucket hat, ‘the symbol of the Welsh LGBT Supporters’ League, they had to take it off,'” she told ITV News at the Welsh Federation’s executive committee.

As shown in a silent video posted to Twitter by Rainbow Wall, the former captain walked through the control gate with his hat on before an officer pointed at him, then a security guard pointed at him and, according to her, instructed him to remove it.

“They said it was a forbidden symbol and we weren’t allowed to wear it on the field,” said Laura McAllister.

The former player said that she and others were forced to “leave the field” to deposit the headgear “in a lost and found area”, but preferred to put the hat in her bag to get it back in the case. “A small moral victory”.

For its part, the Rainbow Wall reported in the evening via its Twitter account that “Wales supporters were forced to remove” their rainbow hat. “Not the men, just the women. Fifa, are you serious!!”, he exasperates the assembly, before stating that the male supporters were later given the same instructions.

Before the meeting, US journalist Grant Wahl said on Twitter that security personnel detained him because he was wearing a rainbow shirt.

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