The quartz radiator heats up a lot and consumes very little (€ 24)

The radiator to me quartz Represents an excellent solution for heating medium environments at any time, only when necessary. partner a Energy consumption Definitely dropand the ability to install it directly on WallIt is an ally against the cold that should not be underestimated. If we add to this the delicious promotion that is currently active Amazon, which allows you to get it for just over 24 euros, and then the deal is offered. What’s more, by completing an order instantly, Prime subscribers also enjoy fast shipping, and it’s completely free.

Quartz radiator: low consumption, a lot of heat

Thanks to the type of materials used to construct this type of heating system, it is possible to get instant heat while keeping the bill at bay. In fact, with a maximum power absorption of 1200W, the consumption is much lower than the average of other models on the market. even in echo pattern sucks 600 watts only.

Very graceful from an aesthetic point of view, the possibility of putting it directly on Wall This heating system will make a Zero burden. Furthermore, unlike those resting on the ground, it would be impossible to risk dropping it or getting burned while running it. After activating it, just wait a few minutes for the room you decide to install it in to heat up evenly, ensuring all the heat you need for a more comfortable environment.

Briefly radiator to me quartz to me low consumption It is certainly an excellent ally to face the winter, without necessarily having to turn on the radiators every time. With the cost of methane reaching economically unsustainable levels right now, considering alternative solutions for spot heating is definitely a good idea. Take advantage of the promotion Amazon of progress dBlack Friday, only to get this solution for about 24 euros: complete the application quickly to get it. Shipments are absolutely fast and guaranteed by Prime services, availability in limited stock.

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