The Professional League invites Belgian clubs to wear the rainbow armband this weekend

The Pro League on Monday issued an invitation for Challenger Pro League teams to wear the rainbow armband this weekend, during Day 15 of the tournament. The organization that governs professional football in Belgium wants to respond to FIFA’s threats of sanctions against those who planned to wear the One Love armband at the World Cup in Qatar.

“Our football is for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or race. On the football field, all social barriers fall down. Unlike FIFA, we want to carry this message with our clubs,” the Pro League press release defends. Published on Monday. “Therefore, we ask Challenger Pro League leaders to wear the rainbow armband next weekend in Round 15 of the tournament.”

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And the press release to resume the various battles of the organization. “Throughout the season, the Pro League takes many initiatives and organizes many projects against inequality, against homophobia and transphobia, against racism. The most important is our partnership with Kazerne Dossin and our annual ‘Football for All’ campaign.

Seven European countries, including Belgium, had to give up wearing the One Love badge in Qatar when they took the initiative. FIFA has already threatened the players with a sports penalty and a yellow card. The Belgian FA said it was “very disappointed” with the decision, but had decided to take note of it.

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