The Pixel Watch app has received a useful feature for eSIM profiles

Pixel Watch is the device with which Google finally entered the smartwatch market. We got to know him thoroughly in our full review. Now let’s find out some interesting new features introduced after launch.


In recent weeks the Pixel Watch app, developed and distributed by Google specifically for the Pixel Watch, has received a software update. This aimed to correct some aspects in the eSIM management. In fact, it has also introduced an interesting innovation in terms of multiple eSIM support.

In fact, after updating the Pixel Watch app, the app seems to support that Storage of multiple eSIM profiles. This means users will be able to save and configure different eSIM profiles with different operators and then enable the one they prefer to work and ensure internet connection with pixel watch.

Although it comes very close Not it is real Dual SIM support for pixel watch. There are no settings in the smartwatch that allow you to switch eSIM profiles instantly.

Definitely have that option within reach of apps makes life much easier for those who use multiple eSIM profiles.

The message is already available in the latest version of the Pixel Watch app, as you can see in the Screenshots below. Let us know if you find it useful.

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