The OnePlus store celebrates Black Friday now: discounts of up to 200 euros!

Pete Lau’s company has already played a great treasure hunt, but now it’s time to discover the discounts and offers for Black Friday. Smartphones and accessories OnePlus are offered for black Friday: Here’s all the OP’s news for the Thrift Party, November’s (and year’s) most anticipated event!

Update 11/18: Black Friday event has started. Below you will find all the details of the offers available in the official store!

OnePlus unveils the Black Friday program: many offers and the Operation Black Box event


The treasure hunt begins

The starting point for OnePlus Black Friday is the treasure hunt: the event – it’s called black box process – Designed to celebrate the OP community and offers great prizes to anyone who wants to take part in this adventure. It is located at about a Hunt for digital treasure Where users will be challenged to find a few select places across the continent.

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The coordinates of these places are secret but they can be found thanks to the clues scattered around channels social by OnePlus and on Site official.

Those who participate in the treasure hunt will not have to actually go to the indicated places but only have to find them Using Google Street View. After proving that they have found the mysterious black boxes, users will be able to participate in a raffle and try to win a OnePlus device. every week, Throughout the month of NovemberSquare will be awarded away.

The Black Box can be purchased from the official store

For those who, on the other hand, would like to have their own personal Black Box, worry not! The 4 and theNovember 11thAnd the At 13:00The Mystics black box From OnePlus it will be On sale in the official store at a price of 9.99 euros. The boxes can contain items worth up to €729, as well as coupons worth up to €999. But be warned: stocks are extremely limited, so speed will make all the difference!

OnePlus Deals for Black Friday | Update 11/18

OnePlus 10T camera

Of course, OnePlus’ Black Friday isn’t just about treasure hunting: Starting November 18th The actual promotion has begun, with discounts and opportunities on the Chinese brand’s best technologies, including smartphones and accessories. Below you will find the list of products available in promotion.

  • OP 10 Pro 8/128 GB: on sale at € 699, at a discount of € 200
  • OP 10 Pro 12/256 GB: on sale at € 799, at a discount of € 200
  • OP 10T 8/128 GB: on sale for € 599, € 100 off
  • OP 10T 16/256 GB: on sale at 699 euros, at a discount of 100 euros
  • OP Nord 2T 8/128 GB: on sale at € 349, € 50 off
  • OP Nord 2T 12/256 GB: on sale at € 429, € 70 off
  • OP Nord CE 2 8/128 GB: on sale at 269 euros, at a discount of 80 euros
  • OP Nord CE 2 Lite 5G 6/128 GB: on sale at € 229, € 70 off
  • OP Buds Pro: on sale at 109 euros, at a discount of 40 euros
  • OP Buds Z2: on sale at 69 euros, at a discount of 30 euros
  • OP Nord Buds: on sale for €35, €14 off

All that remains is to visit Event homepageso you can take a look at the various devices on offer!

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Smartphones and their accessories are presented in the official store

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