The new Android Auto says goodbye to the weather

Let’s go back to talking about Android Auto, Google’s infotainment system, which is going through a very difficult period coinciding with a complete graphic renewal, only available in beta at the moment.

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After the latest news arrives only for those who have joined the beta program, which allows you to try the new Coolwalk graphical interface, which we have tried manually, new details arrive specifically about the new interface.

Grandma relates Weather information It is provided by Android Auto when the smartphone is connected to the car. We’ve been getting used to it for a few years now for the weather indicatorbesides indicating the current temperature, in status bar Android Auto.

This information has been provided to in interrupted form In the latest Android Auto updates. Google recently made it known as Fix it, which makes it always visible with the stable version of Android Auto. This is unfortunately It won’t be about Coolwalk.

According to what appeared recently from the first versions general The new Android Auto and, as we were also able to see in our field test of the Coolwalk, the weather indicator It is no longer available in the status bar.

There is no weather indicator even in the Android Auto status bar, only the indicators all the time It’s connected phone signal with a list link Application And quick access to your favorite apps. Will you come in the future? It is difficult to say: the new Android Auto is currently in public beta, and it may also happen that in the stable version, which does not currently have a fixed release date, the weather will also return.

Meanwhile, if you want In-depth preview From the new Android Auto you can enjoy it Our full test. You can find it in the launcher below.

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