The New Amsterdam 5 puts Max on edge with an unexpected return, a future goodbye with Elisabeth?

New Amsterdam 5 It continues to give fans feelings and twists in light of the season and series finale. Anyone who’s been following previews for these new episodes knows it wasn’t a good time for Max to make a decision Helen ends their relationship one step away from starting to get serious. Many understood that the only salvation for him could be Elizabeth, but right now, now that things between them were about to change, something might have broken again.

in the mid-season finale New Amsterdam 5, David Schulner made good on his promise about Freema Agyeman by teasing fans with her return sooner than expected. The actress returned as Dr. Helen Sharp and not only to lend her voice to another letter but as a TV guest. The actress, who exited the NBC drama at the end of Season 4, makes an unexpected comeback that sends Max into a meltdown.

renderer David Schulner She quickly told TVLine, “We knew we wanted to bring Helen Sharp back to test Max’s resolve. To test his feelings for Wilder, and we knew it had to happen at the worst possible time for him.” She changes her mind and decides to accept Max’s invitation.

Just when she was ready to leave with him and Max welcomed her with a smile, the TV called Helen’s name. He and Elizabeth stared at the screen in surprise when Helen appeared, ready to talk about fighting cancer on the New York-based show. “We’ll definitely see Helen in the next episode,” Schulner assures, but we don’t know if there will be a face-to-face confrontation between Helen and Max, we just have to wait.

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