The Most Anticipated Tech Products of 2023

Breakthrough iPhone 15 and Galaxy S23?

The latest high-end smartphones from Apple and Samsung may have disappointed some with their lack of innovation. Even though many other factors are involved (purchasing power, rising prices, supply problems, parts shortages, etc.), sales can also fall short of expectations. Samsung, in particular, saw a significant drop in sales of high-end smartphones.

2023 is therefore expected to be the year of flagship updates that bring real innovation through design and/or new features. We are talking about the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, the evolution of the design and increased autonomy of the new Samsung Galaxy S.

The iPhone 15 will soon have a USB Type-C port, which is mandatory for the European Community, and will likely do away with all physical buttons. You may benefit from a much more efficient zoom, and dynamic island notches generalize across the range.

Finally, a foldable smartphone from Apple?

2022 will be a very dynamic year for the foldable smartphone market. Category leader Samsung has launched his two new models, the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4.

As a result, foldable smartphone sales increased by 80%. If it weren’t for the issue of a niche market with around 15 million units sold, compared to total smartphone sales of 1.39 billion units in 2021, we think this figure is very promising. can do.

That said, besides the fact that foldable sales have been growing exponentially over the years, it should be borne in mind that this concerns a fairly high-end product. is awaiting proposals from Apple that are not yet on the market. As we know, American brands have a habit of boosting the market when they enter a category. So, will 2023 be the year of the foldable iPhone?


VR headsets and the metaverse

The situation with virtual reality headsets (VR headsets) is the same as with foldable smartphones. Again, there are actors racing to the front, not to mention Meta.

Highly advanced in the Metaverse, this virtual universe that Mark Zuckerberg believes in without hesitation to invest huge sums of money, Meta (note that it’s Facebook’s parent company) has found an audience. We also offer a wide variety of VR headsets, which are tech-savvy in nature. Even if the Meta Quest 2 is his top-selling VR headset, it’s still far from the mass-produced product it’s aiming for.

What if, once again, Apple came to change things? We’re hearing more and more about virtual reality headsets offered by the Apple brand that are logically high-end and powered by proprietary operating systems. The future of virtual reality could go through that helmet in 2023, when we see the talent of a brand that delivers successful products, is easy to use, and has a high degree of perfection.


Google doing great with Pixel 8?

Gone are the days when Google struggled to translate its ambitions into telephony. Today, the company’s Pixel Pro 7 is considered by many to be the best camera phone on the market and is considered one of the best, if not the best, smartphones in terms of value for money. I’m here.

Google liked to work on optimizing software when competitors were winning in the megapixel race. The brand’s latest creation has been a success ever since, shining with various software innovations including post-processing, night mode operation, and the famous magic eraser.

While the Pixel 7 series sales have shown clear progress, the upcoming Pixel 8 series is already rumored to do a lot of damage to its competitors, especially when it comes to HDR, with the arrival of ‘staggered’ HDR. . Or staggered HDR. principle? Super fast capture images with 3 different exposures and merge them. Faster processing limits video blur. This range is expected in his last quarter of 2023.


OLED for everyone?

A longtime favorite of LG, Oled TVs are now offered by a number of manufacturers including Sony, Philips and now Samsung. Expecting prices to drop, we should see more Oled references arriving in 2023. QD Oleds in particular could come to power under the leadership of Samsung and Sony.

Already found in high-end smartphones, OLED displays should spread to the mid-range and gradually reach the entry-level thanks to the economies of scale made possible by wholesale production.

Asus, which dominates computers with Oled screens with its Zenbook Oled series, should also see the emergence of a number of competitors suggesting price drops.

Asus Zenbook ZENBOOK-13-OLED-EVO-3_1

A refurbished star of 2023?

What if next year’s biggest success was a trend, not a product? Buying refurbished today means buying wisely for the times.

There are several reasons for this enthusiasm.

First of all, reconditioning allows you to get the latest model at a very competitive price. This has very special repercussions in a time of rapid inflation and shrinking purchasing power.

Secondly, remanufactured products are perfectly compatible with environmental concerns, which are becoming increasingly important in consumer choices. In fact, refurbished high-tech equipment has a significantly lower ecological footprint than new.

Finally, the refurbished ones are much better frames today. For Fnac 2nde Vie, the refurbished or pre-owned items offered are checked, cleaned, refurbished, tested and benefit from warranty. All to reassure consumers. As a result, nearly one in three Frenchmen have already bought refurbished goods, and experts in the field plan to see this figure explode in 2023. increase.

second life 2

A virtuous builder?

2023 could see a revolution in how manufacturers behave. As environmental considerations have become essential for consumers, manufacturers no longer have to take them into consideration. This is especially true for the smartphone category. The Android smartphone maker, which took over from his pioneer in the field, Apple, offers an update to its more durable operating system. This allows users to keep using their smartphones longer.

Google guarantees operating system updates for Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro through 2025 and security updates through 2027. Samsung guarantees his high-end smartphones with four major operating system updates and five years of security updates. Oppo recently followed this policy, and the trend could take hold in 2023.

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