The MediaTek Dimensity 9200 would be a beast

MediaTek has always considered the low-cost alternative, the one taken for a smartphone that didn’t have strength among its perks but battery life. But with the launch of its own SoC The dimensionEverything has changed, and now the company competes today with high-quality chips from Qualcomm. But not only that, because the new Mediatek dimension 9200 Next it is tested on an online benchmarking platform AnTuTu One of the results, which was shared in the preview by the Chinese Tipster Digital chat stationIt turns out that Dimensity 9200 is more powerful than Apple’s chips.

MediaTek Dimensity 9200 outperforms iPad Pro M1

MediaTek’s next best of its kind SoC, Dimension 9200It will be a lightning bolt, as its performance is fantastic, at least on paper. The SoC is almost certainly equipped with a powerful core Cortex-X3 from ARM It will be produced by process A 4 nm The latest from TSMC. A nondescript smartphone with a MediaTek 9200 chip has made the first “ride” on me AnTuTu Get 1,266,102 points.

This number is so high that it even outperformsiPad Pro With Apple’s M1 chip: iPad Pro with M1 chip is used as “challengerIn the test, it scored 1,060,247 points only with the old iOS 14.5.1 operating system, while another scored iPad Pro With 8GB of RAM and a newer version of iOS, it has a total AnTuTu score of 1,251,547 points. So it’s still behind the Dimensity 9200.

With this score, the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 easily beats theiPhone 14 Pro Max with the chip A16 Bionic from Apple, which stops at around 950,000 points. For an idea, this score equates an Android smartphone to one Snapdragon 8 of the first generationLike the Poco F4 GT.

Dimension 9200 is the most powerful of all?

MediaTek leads the AnTuTu rating, by extension ASUS ROG Phone 6D Ultimate That reaches 1,133,998 points using the SoC Size 9000. In comparison, the 9200 is superior, but curiously loses in the CPU and UX (User Experience) benchmarks.

Where it dominates, by far, is in the GPU test, where the Dimensity 9000 scores 430,000 points versus the Dimensity 9200’s 550,000 — an improvement of about 30%. Now we just have to wait and see how it will behave in a filereal use On commercial smartphones like the next phone Vivo X90 Pro + Which, according to some rumors, will be proposed with the new MediaTek SoC.

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