The match between England and Iran went down in the history of the World Cup thanks to … eleven substitutions made during the match!

The most appreciative of you have undoubtedly noticed a rather unusual detail during the meeting of England and Iran: the Iranian team made no less than … six substitutions during this match. If we add the five substitutions in the English side, we get a total of 11 substitutions. The first of its kind in the history of the World Cup … but not a breach of the rules.

In fact, the new rule states that in the event of a violent shock to a player which can cause trauma to the skull, the latter’s team is entitled to make an additional change. In this case, for the sake of fairness, the other party is also entitled to a sixth substitution.

This is what happened in the England-Iran match. After a strong friction with one of his defenders, Alireza Beiranvand, the goalkeeper, remained on the ground for a long time, which required the intervention of the Iranian medical team. After trying to continue the meeting, the former Antwerp finally asked for a change, thus entering the history of the World Cup in spite of himself …

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