The M5S introduces another taboo: Away with refunds, money to the party only

The house rules could be archived soon Five Star Movement which establishes the practice for parliamentarians to make “reimbursements”, ie payments made with the aim of financially supporting projects for the benefit of the community: a donation made by forgoing part of the daily subsistence allowance and allowance.

As reported by AdnKronosparty leaders are now considering the possibility of establishing one for all fixed monthly fee – probably 2,000 euros – to be assigned directly to the tills of the movement. “Top management then determines methods and amounts for the work to be assigned to citizens“, some sources within the grillina team explain to the news agency, “a variable portion from time to time, depending on the available spending leeway”.

Refunds and reimbursements

If this change to the regulation If this were to happen, it would certainly be a crucial change of course for a party that has always made the system of “restitution” part of its program. Until the last legislative period, Grillini MPs had to withhold 2,500 euros from their salaries: 1,500 of this went into the reimbursement fund, the remaining 100 ended up in the coffers of the party. At the beginning of their experience, there was also an obligation for parliamentarians to present the receipts as evidence of the expenditure incurred: “Don’t live a Franciscan life, but donate whatever is left to the community‘ Grillo warned at the first meeting. A practice that was then supplanted by the more convenient “flat rate” in the crime era.

AdnKronos shows that a second novelty in the House of Grillina should concern deputies and senators who play an institutional role: in fact, they would be given the opportunity toaid Fee, a share hitherto given entirely to the community. Two-thirds of that sum would end up in the movement’s coffers (just as restitutions should be) and the remaining third in the politician’s pockets.

Also cutting the Tfr

The guarantee committee is also thinking about a sharp reduction in the severance payment: the idea is to discount it return of the year-end check credited to the outgoing Grillini MPs between November and December. A check that weighs around 44,000 euros per semester, or 88,000 for those who have completed two, reaching the limit of a dual mandate. Originally, according to Casaleggio and Grillo, all of this money should have gone back to the municipality (as did Di Battista, to name just one example). Di Maio was the first to make a change, noting that a third of the sum ended up in the pockets of the Grillino politician on duty instead (only two-thirds in the community).

The confirmation of the limit of double mandate He enraged those who stood at the door: That’s why most of the 46 outgoing MPs gave up not even giving back a cent of their severance pay. The situation made the leaders compromise with the “rebels” and continued to argue “require a significant rebate or 20% of the liquidation because of the withdrawal“.

Something like that would mean for the movement to collect only 8,000 instead of 44,000 euros per legislative period or instead of 4,000,000 only 400,000 euros per legislature. An official confirmation from the Grillino guarantee committee, which is said to be examining some drafts, is still pending: the clash, as the press agency explains, is already underway Virginia Raggi ready to block the redesign of internal regulation.

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