The left takes to the streets, but doesn’t really know why. And at the end a divided march

Divided march to strike divided: the political and social opposition march in no particular order to fight the Meloni government’s first manoeuvre.

To be honest, Pd, Cinque Stelle, CGIL etc. they were hoping for something better: a sovereignty and identity challenge, a heated clash with the EU, a drastic acceleration on rights-related issues: flat tax, autonomy, basic income and so on . Nothing instead: the maneuver is modest and moderate on the whole, broadly in line with what Mario Draghi has laid out and what Brussels has indicated, and otherwise dotted with small showers of tributes to various centre-right constituencies. The potentially divisive decisions are all postponed until better times, and this dusts the foes who seek to lead the people to battle.

So in the end there will be three different protest sites on different topics, none of which is particularly disruptive. Conte waves the muleta of sacred income and shouts, “Are you going to starve us,” but the cuts may all be tied to the future. While the third pole of Renzi and Calenda chooses the path of parliamentary opposition and “on the facts and figures” instead of on the calls to the square.

The CGIL racks its brains and hasn’t decided how to move yet, being pushed aside by the Pd and M5 mobilization announcements. “We’re going for low bills – it’s said from the upper floors of Corso d’Italia – and we’re ready to strike even without Cisl.” And Uil? “It’s still unknown,” but hopefully it fits as always. Then, it is explained, pensions (the Spi pushes), minimum wages (the Pd insists), Rdc (Conte pushes) are also pushed into the platform to try to hold everything together, obviously under their own flag. In truth, even in the evening, the CGIL is already belittling everything: there will be major “mobilizations” and also “territorial strikes”, but nothing more for the moment. In short, a pro forma. Meanwhile, Conte on one side and the Democratic Party with Letta on the other, but also Andrea Orlando, Giuseppe Provenzano, etc., are bombarding the union with phone calls to try to persuade the reluctant Landini to organize a single national demonstration, in order not to have to stand without a camel troops and organized trainers. For the time being in vain: the CISL resists it, and the CGIL resorts to the mantra “only territorial strikes”. A mess.

The Democratic Party met with its Executive Committee yesterday. At stake was the organization of the Congress, the dispute (currently very subdued) over the leadership of the party, the establishment of a plethoric “Constituent Committee” destined to write a “Charter of Values ​​for the new Pd”, which serves more , what else to camouflage the return to the flock of Bersani & D’Alema’s lost sheep. With Letta, who on the one hand fills the large congress committee with representatives of the left and cat-pacifists and on the other hand the pro-Ukrainian line of the Pd, which is however in the process of disintegration, heartily claims: “We did it on the right side of history”. But there was also the presentation of the dem-branded “counter-manoeuvre” on which to base one’s social mobilization.

The Meloni brand’s budget is “inappropriate and unfair” and does not meet the needs of a country “hanging in recession,” Letta said as he addressed the demonstration on 17 social issues: inflation, high cost of living, tax wedge and minimum wage.” What, he adds, pointing the finger at Conte, “was about to hit the final mile” and would have been approved had not the boss of the M5s brought down Draghi.

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