The left is copying American abolitionist culture: thus it is gnawing at our freedoms

The left has been, or rather considered itself, for decades the protector of personal liberties, from thought to freedom of expression. In fact, that was not really the case, as history and Mutt teach us Sergio Ramelli, which took place in 1975. It was the years of lead and Milan was a trench, far from the elegantly radical decoration of today, but Ramelli did not die during one of the many “Sanbellini” clashes. He was attacked by a group of vanguard workers on his way home from school, and was struck several times on the head with the keys the attackers were armed with. He died because he had expressed his ideas in a school essay, in which he condemned the Red Brigades and the political scientist for not offering their condolences over the death of two members of the Movement, killed during the attack on the Padua headquarters of the Movement. party in 1974. A murder for which the Italian left has not yet repented, committed today more than ever in Abolition of cultures.

Cancellation Culture in America in Ricolfi’s Story

So much time has passed since the 70s that many forget certain facts. Commenting on Luca Riccolfi’s new book “La Mutazione” published by Dar Dagosbia, Giampiero Mugini explains that the author, in the central chapter, “He documents how the anti-censorship defense of freedom of thought and art that was in Italy and elsewhere a very special prerogative of the left, is now denied and abolished by the stylistic elements on which abolitionist culture is founded, even if we are in Italy. Not because of the atrocities that stained this situation in the United States (and not only)“.

In the name of the culture of cancellations, Ricolfi explains in his book that since 2015 there have been 200 requests for a “non-invitation”, that is, to cancel an invitation, of which 101 were successful. American students are trying in every possible way to prevent those who do not have ideas compatible with them from exposing their ideas, not only with official requests to universities not to provide a stage for seminars (no platforming) but also by noisy acts, and by blocking the entrance doors to the appropriate chambers, and by making noise, by all available means, to prevent those present at the seminars from hearing what the speakers had to say.

The Italian simulation of xenophiles of the left against liberties

In Italy, as Giampiero Mugini suggests, “We are not in aweAmericans, but the situation in our country is no less serious for this, because the news is full of chaos, even in Italy. Just take a step back less than a month to find yourself in the clashes at La Sapienza University in Rome where a group of students of a communist nature tried to prevent a seminar I organized University of Azione with guests of the journalist Daniel Capezon and the deputy of the Brotherhood of Italy, and to prevent obstruction of the symposium and guarantee freedom of thought, they intervened the forces of the regime, which cordoned off to prevent the assault, which led to riots with the students, who nevertheless tried force block to prevent the meeting. the reason? It was organized by a right-wing association, with guests from non-left-wing areas. Something similar happened in 2019 at the University of Trento to Fausto Beloslavo, who was targeted by left-wing groups, tried to avoid a journalist’s seminar, and also caused clashes with those who tried to defend him.

What about hiring Manzoni High School Milan in the aftermath of the victory of the center-right and the Brotherhood of Italy in the elections of September 25? A complete demonstration against democracy, which handed over to Georgia Meloni, by the vote of the Italians, the leadership of the executive power and therefore of the country. In Italian schools, there has been a resurgence of political extremism not seen in years, with alarming fears extremist tendencies It is fueled by circles that have all interests in turning fair political opposition into confrontation. Nothing is different from what was the basis for years of leadership and student struggles in the 1970s.

Without forgetting, in the context of abolishing culture, the assault on a statue Andrew Montanelli In the Milanese garden dedicated to him. Two years ago, it was 2020, unknown people painted the statue depicting the writer, journalist and founder of El-Journal. A distortion repeated on two occasions, in the same way, indicating disagreement with one of the greatest Italian thinkers of the twentieth century. What do we say, then, about the cancellation culture of last year, in 2015 Laura Boldrini He suggested deleting the word “Dux” from the Foro Italico obelisk. The idea, fortunately, remained a dead letter. Because history is learned, history is discussed, but history is not erased.

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