The latest Manniskin Award makes one eye-catching and controversial

L’Another award at Maneskins It makes people turn up their noses and on social networks there are those who argue. The reason is clear: tonight Manskin won another award in his career but something just doesn’t quite add up. The group led by Damiano David did in fact triumph in a prestigious category abroad, but that’s the talk The song with a little of his name.

The group triumphed in this category best rock music in either, American Music Awards 2022, but the song that allowed them to win the award is wrappers. Yes, you read correctly. Maneskin won a piece that certainly belongs to their repertoire but is not an original song performed by the group.

Let’s go in order. At the time of the announcement of the 2022 Ama nominations, Maneskin had won 4, i.e. 4 were the categories in which the Romanian group name appeared. A major achievement that puts it on par with the most followed international groups in the world.

On the night between November 20 and 21, the award ceremony was held in the United States. Everything has been revealed American Music Awards 2022 Winners and Maneskin also received an award. The category in which they won is favorite rock song, What is your favorite rock song? There’s just one problem: The song in question is a cover.

In fact, Maneskins was in the nomination with seem’Along with world music giants like the Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Imagine Dragons. seem’ It is actually the cover of the homonymous song published in 1967 by the American group The Four Seasons. Certainly not Manskin’s responsibility, which nonetheless makes one turn up their nose.


Foo Fighters, “Love Dies Young”
Imagine Dragons x JID, “The Enemy”
Kate Bush, “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)”
Manskin, “Beijing”
Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Black Summer”

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