The Italian Supercharger is open to non-Tesla vehicles:

From November 17th Supercharger’s network of ultra-fast charging stations in Italy is no longer limited to the American automaker’s vehicles. And given the prevalence of the Tesla network, this is good news for the entire electric mobility sector in Italy. Following the example of other European markets, not all stations are immediately open to all electric vehicles: we start with about twenty superchargers, however they count 174 high-power charging points (>150 kW). The list, which can be consulted here, includes the crucial junctions of the main Italian motorways: Milan Arese, Como Grandat, Sondrio, Vicolongo, Cavaglia, Genoa, Savona, Parma, Grosseto, Forlì, Magliano Sabina, Naples Afragola, Mercato San Severino, Sirignola Brindisi, Murano, Calabro, Palma, Catania, Olbia and Oristano.

This news comes with the publication of tariffs on non-Tesla vehicles, as well as a slight overall reduction, thanks to the easing of energy costs, with the narrowing of peak hours, which are now set between the 16th and 20th. Prices are marked for customers of Tesla and other brand vehicles, but there is the possibility for owners of the latter to access the same prices for a monthly fee of 12.99 euros. It is basically a similar scheme to the one implemented by the IONITY network.

In more detail, the Superchargers tariff scheme becomes as follows:

Peak (16-20) Off-peak (00 – 16/20 – 00)
Tesla vehicles or their subscribers 0.67 € / kWh 0.60 € / kWh
Non-Tesla vehicles without a subscription 0.83 € / kWh 0.74 € / kWh

Compared to the prices reached by the BeCharge networks (€0.95/kWh above 150 kWh) and Enel X Way (€0.99/kWh) with recent increases, Tesla’s tariffs are cheaper. We remind you that the Supercharger network consists of high-power direct current charging points of up to 250 kW, with CCS connector. AC charging is not supported. To access non-Tesla car charges, you need to download the Tesla app and create an account.

Shipping costs are crazy: Enel X is now close to €1 per kWh with consumption rates

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