The iPhone 15 will look like the iPhone 5c from 2013

L’iPhone 15 It’s still a long way from the official presentation as it could be unveiled in September 2023 or 10 months from now. But while there’s still a long way to go to see its final form, there’s a multitude of rumours on its technical characteristics and on its draft they are already starting to lick. One in particular concerns the back of the phone, which a leaker says will be real delve into the past.

iPhone 15, the curved edges are back?

The treat ShrimpApplePro reported that the design of theiPhone 15 presents a titanium case and can have one rounded back, bar of soap, and not exactly like iPhones 12 and up. This could give next year’s iPhone range a profile similar to thatiPhone 5c (pictured) launched by Apple 2013in which the front of the body was flat but the back was rounded.

The second indiscretion concerns the use of the titanium as the main material of the shell, the same that Apple has used in its latest high-end smartwatchApple Watch Ultra.

While the boxy design has proven very popular, and Apple unsurprisingly uses it on MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones, some users complain that it can do more uncomfortable Pick up the iPhones when they’re on a desk or table, although the camera’s “bulge” provides some overhang to lift them up.

A flat front with a rounded back could solve this problem without making the design too different.

iPhone 15 what we know

As far as currently assumed, the iPhone 15 range will consist of 4 models: iPhone 15, iPhone 15Plus, iPhone 15 pro and iPhone 15 Ultra. Then nothing “Mini‘ as has already happened with the current iPhone 14 family, but not even with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which was replaced by the Ultra. However, the “Plus” model is still in question: the current one iPhone 14Plusas a matter of fact, it sells very little and Apple may skip that version in the next lineup.

L’iPhone 15 It may be the first Apple smartphone to use a connector USB-C. Apple fans have been waiting for this change for years to be able to use the peripherals and chargers they currently use on their iPad Pro, iPad Air or iPad Mini or on their MacBooks, all Apple products with USB-C ports .

This iPhone 15 USB-C rumor was backed by the leaker LeaksAppleProwho said USB-C ports and Dynamic Island will land on all iPhone 15 models. EUon the other hand, has stated very clearly that in a few years USB charging will be mandatory.

There are two other rumors for the iPhone 15. The first is that it might return touch identificationto offer a second sign-in along with Face ID. This feature has been missing since the market launch of the iPhone 8 but apparently one reader Fingerprints under the display (very common in the Android world) would be under examination in Apple labs for a long time. Surely it would have come in handy during the pandemic months when everyone wore a mask and Face ID was virtually unusable.

Also new for them photographic area. After the megapixels increased to 48 on the iPhone 14 Pro models, the iPhone 15 is said to finally have one Camera with periscopic zoom. However, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this sensor could be a prerogative of the model iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra to try to differentiate it from other models and boost its sales.

Finally, as for the hardware, there is talk of a likely adoption of the chipset A17 Bionic only for Pro models, while the regular iPhone 15 may get an upgraded version of the A16. Of course, that doesn’t tell us much about performance, but the A17 should be the first chip made with it 3nm processwhich could mean big changes in both speed and performance energy efficiency.

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